The 15 Fastest Dog Breeds

The following dogs have the quickest running speeds to have ever have been recorded.

15. Italian greyhound - 25 miles per hour

An Italian Greyhound.

The Italian Greyhound is a small dog breed that can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour. This breed dates back to over 2,000 years ago to present-day Greece and Turkey. It was bred as a companion dog and later prized in Italy for its miniature size. Additionally, several monarchs have owned Italian Greyhounds.

This dog breed stands between 13 and 15 inches and weighs between 8 and 15 pounds. It resembles a miniature Greyhound and is known for its horse-like gait. Its coat is short and smooth and may appear in solid colors, bi-colors, or a brindle pattern.

14. Giant schnauzer - 28 miles per hour

A Giant Schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer originated in the Bavarian region of Germany, where it was bred as a guard dog and livestock herder. Once it was introduced to cities, this breed was used to protect businesses. It can run up to 28 miles per hour and is the largest Schnauzer variation.

It has an average height of between 23.5 to 27.5 inches. The Giant Schnauzer has a thick, wiry coat, square body, and small, folded ears. This breed may appear as a solid black color or with a salt and pepper coloration.

13. Scottish deerhound - 28 miles per hour

A Scottish deerhound running.

The Scottish deerhound, as the name suggests, was originally bred to hunt deer. Archaeologists have discovered pottery from the 1st century AD that illustrates a large dog hunting deer - this depiction is believed to be an ancestor of the Scottish deerhound. This breed has been recorded to run 28 miles per hour.

In appearance, the Scottish Deerhound resembles a wire-haired Greyhound. It stands at between 28 and 32 inches and weighs between 74 and 110 pounds. Its most common color is a grey to blue-grey, although it can present in a range of colors.

12. German shepherd - 30 miles per hour

A German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is considered a herding dog breed and was originally used for herding sheep. Today, this dog is often used in police and military work, as a disability-assistance dog, narcotics and explosives detection, and in search and rescue efforts. It is the most commonly used breed for work involving scent. It can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

The German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized dog that stands between 22 and 26 inches in height. It can weigh between 49 and 88 pounds. This breed has a dense coat that may be long or medium length and is usually a combination of black and tan or black and red.

11. Poodle - 30 miles per hour

A Poodle running.

The Poodle breed encompasses 3 size variations: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. The Standard Poodle can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour and shares the ranking of 9th fastest dog. The Poodle, with unclear origins, was bred as a water retriever and used for duck hunting. Today, it is an excellent swimmer and considered the 2nd smartest dog breed.

This breed is easily recognized by its thick, curly coat, which presents in a variety of colors. It has a square build and dropped ears. The Standard variation measures at 15 inches or taller.

10. Border collie - 30 miles per hour

A Border Collie dog.

The Border Collie is considered a herding breed as it was bred to herd livestock. It can run up to 30 miles per hour, making it the 9th fastest dog in the world (a shared ranking). This dog is known to be extremely intelligent, obedient, and energetic.

The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog that measures between 18 and 22 inches in height. It has a long, thick coat that is primarily black and white in color, although it may occur in any color pattern.

9. Doberman pinscher - 32 miles per hour

Doberman pinscher.

The Doberman is the 8th fastest dog in the world, running at speeds of 32 miles per hour. This dog was bred in Germany in the early 20th century specifically to be a guard dog. Over history, this breed has been used as war dogs, police dogs, and for personal defense. The Doberman is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

This dog has an average height of between 27 and 28 inches and weighs between 71 and 99 pounds. Its most common color variation is all black with tan areas around the muzzle, chest, and legs. The Doberman is also found in a dark reddish brown color.

8. Whippet - 34 miles per hour

Whippet dogs.

Originally, the Whippet breed was a Greyhound that was considered too small for hunting. The local law prohibited their use for hunting so they were bred together and primarily used to kill rats. When the law changed, however, the Whippet became popular in dog racing due to their speed. This breed can run up to 34 miles per hour, although some have been recorded at 40 miles per hour. It is considered the fastest dog of its size and is the fastest accelerating dog in the world.

Today, this breed continues to resemble a small Greyhound. It is measured between 17.5 to 22.5 inches and weighs anywhere from 15 to 42 pounds. It has a short, smooth coat and comes in a wide range of colors.

7. Borzoi - 36 miles per hour


The Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a sight dog that originated in and was introduced to Russia, where it was bred to hunt wolves. It is the 6th fastest dog and can reach speeds up to 36 miles per hour. In fact, its name comes from an old Russian word for “fast”.

In appearance, the Borzoi is similar to the Saluki, Afghan hound and Greyhound. It is often described as a long-haired Greyhound. It stands between 27 and 33 inches and weighs between 55 and 105 pounds. This breed may be any color and has a long, wavy coat.

6. Dalmatian - 37 miles per hour

A Dalmatian dog.

The Dalmatian is able to reach speeds of 37 miles per hour, making it the 5th fastest dog in the world. This breed is a popular pet and easily recognized by its appearance, which is white with black or brown spots. The first record of this dog dates back to a painting from 1600 in Croatia. Historically, Dalmatians have been companion guard dogs and often used to run beside carriages to protect against robbery.

This breed measures between 19 and 24 inches and has a short, smooth coat. Interestingly, Dalmatian puppies are born completely white and begin to develop their spots at around 3 weeks of age. This dog was famously portrayed in the Walt Disney movie 101 Dalmatians.

5. Jack russell terrier - 38 miles per hour

A Jack Russell Terrier running.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, sturdy, and highly energetic dog breed. It is the 4th fastest dog in the world and can run up to 38 miles per hour. The modern-day version of this breed can be traced back to 1795, when fox hunters in England expressed the need for an all-white dog that could be easily distinguished from game. Its ancestor is the English White Terrier, now extinct.

The Jack Russell stands at 10 to 15 inches high and weighs between 14 and 18 pounds. Its color is primarily white-bodied with brown markings and its coat comes in 2 variations: short and smooth or long and rough.

4. Vizsla - 40 miles per hour

Vizsla dogs originated in Hungary.

The Vizsla, which reaches speeds of 40 miles per hour, shares 3rd place with the Afghan hound in the list of the fastest dog breeds. This breed originated in Hungary, where it is known for its protective instincts, pointer-retriever hunting skills, and high level of energy.

The Vizsla is a lean, yet muscular dog that measures between 21 and 25 inches in height. It can weigh 40 and 66 pounds and is considered a medium sized breed. Additionally, it is reddish-brown to copper-like in appearance.

3. Afghan hound - 40 miles per hour

An Afghan hound.

The Afghan hound shares 3rd place for its running speed of up to 40 miles per hour. It is considered a basal breed, meaning its DNA is less mixed than more modern breeds. The Afghan hound is most closely related to the Saluki. This breed has been traced to Afghanistan, where it was bred specifically to withstand the cold temperatures of high mountain altitudes.

This dog is easily recognized by its long, fine coat and the sharply curved section at the end of its tail. It grows to between 24 and 29 inches at shoulder height and can weigh anywhere from 44 to 60 pounds. This breed may present in any color and many Afghan hounds are known to have a black face, regardless of body color.

2. Saluki - 42 miles per hour

Saluki dogs.

The 2nd fastest dog in the world is the Saluki, which can reach speeds of up to 42 miles per hour. Some experts even believe that the Saluki can sustain high speeds for longer distances than the Greyhound. Images of the Saluki have been found on ancient Egyptian tombs that date as far back as 2134 BC. This breed is a sighthound and has historically hunted gazelle, fox, and rabbits.

The Saluki measures from 23 to 28 inches in height and weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. It occurs in several different colors, from white to red and black to tan. This dog breed has 2 distinct types of coat: short, smooth fur and long, wavy fur. It is recognized for its deep chest, graceful body, drop ears, and narrow head.

1. Greyhound - 45 miles per hour

A greyhound dog runs on the beach.

The fastest dog in the world is the Greyhound, which can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. It is believed that the origin of this breed can be traced back to the ancient Celts in Eastern Europe. Since that time, it has been bred specifically as a sighthound and used for hunting, chasing game, and racing.

The Greyhound stands between 27 and 30 inches at shoulder height and weighs between 60 and 88 pounds. This dog breed can occur in around 30 colors and is recognized by its long, slender appearance, thick neck, and long, pointy head.

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