Tallest Mountains In Somalia

The Almadow Mountains in Sanaag, Somalia houses the tallest peak, the Shimbiris Mountain in the country.

Somalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia, is located in the Horn of Africa, it is bordered by Ethiopia, Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, Kenya, and the Indian Ocean. It covers an area of 246,200 square miles with an estimated population of 10.3 million. The country’s climate is a semi-arid mainly covered with scrubs with its capital city Mogadishu located in the coastal region. There are more than 500 peaks in the state with a large number of the peaks located in the Sanaag and Bari region. Some of the tallest mountains in the country are discussed below

Tallest Mountains In Somalia.

Shimbiris Mountain

Mount Shimbiris, also known as Mount Surud Cad, is the tallest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 8,070 feet above sea level. It is located in the Al Madow mountain range, Sanaag region in northern Somalia.

Warraq Mountain

Mount Warraq is located 3.1 miles away from Yagoomas town in Sanaag region of Somalia. It is the second tallest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 7,409 feet above sea level

Karkoor Mountain

Mount Karkoor is one of the highest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 6,774 feet above sea level. It is situated approximately 1.8 miles from Warmadow town in Bari region in Somalia near the Salamat region and Amasala City.

Jifiyo Mountain

Mount Jifiyo is the fourth highest mountain in Somalia located in the Sanaag region, 3.72 miles near the Buq town. It is found near the Ferkallah water well, Rukunle spring among others. It is situated at an elevation of 6,744 feet above sea level.

Hurarka Mountain

Mount Hurarka is a 6,630 feet high mountain located in Sanaag Region 5.58 miles from Yagoomas Town in Somalia. It is situated near the Ferkalax and Ferkallah Water Wells.

Gacan Libaax Mountain

Mount Gacan Libaax is a mountain in Somalia located in Togdheer Administrative region near mount Balaadh, Mount Fadi wein, and Gal Cad. It has an elevation of up to 6,558 feet above sea level.

Tardaale Mountain

Mount Tardaale is a 6,490 feet high mountain located in the Sanaag region, Somalia. Ir is found near Hedigale Hill, Quada Dureh Hill, and Warsangeli region.

Da'aro Mountain

Mount Da'aro is one of the highest mountains in Somalia with an elevation of up to 6,489 feet above sea level. It is located in the Sanaag Region near Mounts Jifiyo and Ballad As.

Threats And Conservation Efforts

Various environmental threats threaten the ecological regions close to the mountains of Somalia . They are divided into both natural and manmade. The natural threats include the scarcity of water due to the low rainfall all through the year and high evaporation rate. These high temperatures lead to the drought and deaths of the residents and livestock. The man-made threats include water pollution which leads to the development of health issues, deforestation and overgrazing have led to excessive soil erosion and desertification. Since it is a semi-arid region, the country’s agriculture depends on irrigation which on most occasions is not done well thus leading to salinization. To avert these threats conservation efforts like banning the exportation of charcoal and firewood were implemented to prevent deforestation. Reserve areas have also been established for grazing an education on efficient irrigation methods

Tallest Mountains In Somalia.

RankTallest Mountains in SomaliaElevation
1Shimbiris8,070 feet
7,409 feet
6,774 feet
6,744 feet
6,630 feet
6Gacan Libaax
6,558 feet
6,490 feet
6,489 feet
6,460 feet
10Fadi Wein
6,406 feet

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