Native Amphibians Of Thailand

The common green frog can be found in Thailand.
The common green frog can be found in Thailand.

Thailand is home to a great variety of ecosystems. The country is situated between the Indochinese region and Sundiac region and is characterized by a range of climate and varied topography making it a hotspot for biodiversity. The unique biodiversity of Thailand is supported by a wide variety of habitat and landscape. Thailand contains over 1,500 species of plants with a forest cover of 33% of the country. There are over 160 amphibians in Thailand including the five threatened species. 121 mammal species and 33 reptile species are also threatened.

Native Amphibians Of Thailand

Smith's Wrinkled Frog (Ingerana tasanae)

Smith's Wrinkled Frog is a species in the family Dicroglossidae. It is found in the western and the southern parts of Thailand and Myanmar. Its natural habitat consists of tropical moist rainforests and is found near streams of slow flowing water. Smith's Wrinkled Frog has a dark brown covering with black spots scattered all over the body with a bright underside. The forelimbs have four scattered toes used for burrowing. The eyes have a brown pupil while the mouth is relatively broad. Smith's Wrinkled Frog feeds on insects and worms. The frog species is threatened by habitat loss and competition from other species of amphibians.

Common green frog (Hylarana erythraea)

The Common green frog is a species in the family Ranidae. It is commonly confused with the tree frogs because of the resemblance. Common green frog occurs in several Asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia. It is also an introduced species in the Philippines. The natural habitat for Common green frog includes tropical moist lowland forest and freshwater lakes. Common green frog has bright green smooth skin. The frog species feeds on insects and other small invertebrates.

Round-Tongued Floating Frog (Occidozyga martensii)

Round-tongued Floating Frog is a species in the family Dicrogloddidae found in the Southeast Asia. Its natural habitat includes tropical moist lowland forest, freshwater marshes, and ponds. It is a short, thick frog with a large head. Its body is covered by olive-gray to brown skin. The tongue is round for easy chewing. Round-tongued Floating Frog feeds mainly on insects and other small invertebrates including worms. The frog is threatened by habitat loss and attacks by other species including snakes and lizards.

Threats to Amphibian Species in Thailand

Threats to Amphibian species in Thailand include habitat loss through natural degradation and clearing of land for other economic activities. Competition for habitat and food also poses a threat to most of the amphibians. Some amphibians like Smith’s Wrinkled frogs are also food for some species including snakes and lizards.

Native Amphibians Of Thailand

Native Amphibians of ThailandScientific Name
Smith's Wrinkled FrogIngerana tasanae
Common Green FrogHylarana erythraea
Round-Tongued Floating FrogOccidozyga martensii
Doi Suthep Caecilian
Ichthyophis youngorum
Little Horned ToadXenophrys minor
Harlequin Tree FrogRhacophorus pardalis
Koh Chang FrogLimnonectes kohchangae
Pointed Head CaecilianIchthyophis acuminatus
Johns' Groove-Toed FrogRana johnsi
Supachai's Caecilian
Ichthyophis supachaii

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