Native Amphibians Of Guatemala

An Oak Forest Salamander.
An Oak Forest Salamander.

The Central American Republic of Guatemala houses an abundance of ecological regions. The various zones consist of highlands, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and swamps. These different ecoregions host numerous endemic plants and animals. Some of the rare animals found in the country are amphibians such as the Chinamococh Stream Frog, Monzon's Hidden Salamander, the Finca Chiblac Salamander, the Jalapa Toad, and the Montane Robber Frog.

Monzon's Hidden Salamander (Cryptotriton monzoni)

Monzon's Hidden Salamander (Cryptotriton monzoni) is an amphibian species native to Guatemala. The salamander grows up to a length 250 millimeters. It has slender limbs with completely webbed digits. It inhabits lower montane moist forests particularly the bromeliad forests of Guatemala. The salamander is a terrestrial organism that breeds by direct development. The Monzon's Hidden Salamander is listed as a critically endangered species. Its population is on the decline due to the destruction of its natural habitat. There have been no conservation measures taken to protect the amphibian.

Chinamococh Stream Frog (Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis)

The Chinamococh Stream Frog (Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis) is a species endemic to Guatemala. The frog inhabits tropical and subtropical moist forests and freshwater rivers. The frog is found in Sierra de Santa Cruz in eastern Guatemala. Its breeding ground is in fresh water streams. The frog’s population has significantly decreased due to water pollution, deforestation, and agricultural activities on its habitat. The frog is listed as an endangered species. Conservationists have proposed the protection of the area where the Chinamococh Stream Frog is found.

Montane Robber Frog (Craugastor lineatus)

The Montane Robber Frog (Craugastor lineatus) is a rare frog species native to Guatemala and Mexico. The frog lives in montane evergreen forests in lowland areas. It breeds near fresh water streams. It has rough dark skin and long limbs. The frog is a critically endangered species. Its population is expected to decline by 80% in the next decade due to illegal logging, human settlement, and agriculture in its habitat. Some of the Montane Robber frogs live within protected areas. The frog’s population needs to be monitored to prevent it from extinction.

Mexican Burrowing Caecilian (Dermophis mexicanus)

The Mexican Burrowing Caecilian (Dermophis mexicanus) is a limbless amphibian native to Mexico and Guatemala. It inhabits low altitude areas with dry, moist soils. The amphibian is often found in coffee and banana plantations where it burrows under the plant debris and dried leaves. The Mexican Burrowing Caecilian grows to a length of between 30 and 50 centimeters. It feeds on earthworms, crickets, termites, and snails. The amphibian has suffered population decline over the last decade. It is often attacked by humans due to its snake-like appearance. Habitat loss is the other cause for its population decline. Moreover, Mexican Burrowing Caecilian is used in the international pet trade although small numbers are involved in the trade.

Conservation of Guatemalan Amphibians

Monzon's Hidden Salamander, Finca Chiblac Salamanders, and Chinamococh Stream Frogs are all critically endangered amphibians endemic to Guatemala. Guatemala is home to a variety of rare and endangered amphibian species. The amphibians are important for the environment because they feed on undesired insects and plants and keep their populations under check. They also add beauty to the landscape. Some of the amphibians have a limited score of existence, and as a result, protection of their natural habitat is critical. The Guatemalan authorities need to protect the amphibians’ natural habitats from human settlement, unsustainable development, and pollution. Further research and monitoring of the amphibian populations are necessary to help in the preservation efforts.

Native Amphibians Of Guatemala

Native Amphibians of GuatemalaScientific Name
Monzon's Hidden Salamander
Cryptotriton monzoni
Chinamococh Stream Frog
Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis
Finca Chiblac Salamander
Bradytriton silus
Mexican Burrowing CaecilianDermophis mexicanus
Bocourt's Robber Frog
Craugastor bocourti
Oak Forest SalamanderBolitoglossa cuchumatana
Montane Rubber FrogCraugastor lineatus
Cope's Climbing SalamanderBolitoglossa morio
Jalapa ToadBufo ibarrai
Guatemala Stream Frog
Ptychohyla panchoi

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