Highest Mountains In Yemen

The peak of Jabal an Nabī Shu‘ayb.
The peak of Jabal an Nabī Shu‘ayb.

Yemen is an Arabic country located in the western region of Asia, with Sana’a being both its capital and the country's largest city. After a coup in 2014, a group by the name Houthis took control of the country even after the deposed President declared that he was still in office. The country is a unitary semi-presidential state and has Arabic as its official language. Yemen has several volcanic islands in the Arabian Sea. In this article, we will discuss some of the highest mountains in Yemen.

Jabal an Nabī Shu‘ayb

Jabal an Nabi Shu'ayb is the highest peak on the Arabian Peninsula and is located in Sana’a Governorate. It lies at an elevation of 12,028 feet above sea level with a prominence of 10,912 feet. The etymology of the mountain is biblical. Jabal is an Arabic term for a mountain while Nabi means a prophet. Shu’ayb is one of the holy messengers known to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. God sent Shu'ayb to the people of Midian who lied and were dishonest with their weights and measurements. The messenger warned them, but they did not heed to what he said, and the wrath of God destroyed their land. The top of the mountain is closed for security reasons, and military installations are found at the peak. Armed soldiers always guard the peak on a full-time basis, and nobody is allowed past 200 feet vertical height from the peak.

Jabal al Qullah

Jabal al Qullah mountain is located in an area of Yemen known as Mu afazat La ij. It has an elevation of 10,607 feet above sea level making it the second highest peak in the country after Jabal an Nabi Shu’ayb. The spelling of the name of the mountain varies depending on the language one is using.

Jabal Shakhab ‘Ammar

The mountain is located in An Nadirah with an elevation o 3218 feet above sea level. The superior administrative division is Ibb. There is no documented evidence of the first ascent.

Jabal ‘Ayban

Jabal ‘Ayban is a mountain located near Bayt Na’amah. It has several other alternate names, including Djebel Hadde, Jabal Haddah, and Jebel Hadda. It is one of the tallest mountains in the Arabic peninsula with an elevation of 10,457 feet above sea level.

Jabal Rihqah

The elevation of this mountain is 10,112 feet above sea level. It is located seven miles from the town of Bayt Rijal and is also referred to as Jabal Ruqha.

Other Major Mountains in Yemen

Jaabal ash Sha’r

The elevation of the mountain is 10,102 feet above sea level. It is located in As Saddah within the superior administrative division of Idd.

Jabal Zufar

Jabal Zufar is located in Yarim with an elevation of 9,856 feet above sea level. There are other names and spellings for the mountain, including Jebel Zofar, JAbal Zufar, and Jebel Zofar.

Rounding Out the Top Ten

The elevation of Jabal Kanwab is 9,708 feet above sea level, and it is located in Ar Ryashyyah. Other high mountains in the country include Jabla Ma’as at 9,649 feet and Jabl ‘ Amlan at 9,626 feet.

Highest Mountains In Yemen

Rank Highest Mountains in Yemen Elevation
1 Jabal an Nabī Shu‘ayb 12,028 feet
2 Jabal al Qullah 10,607 feet
3 Jabal Shakhab ‘Ammār 10,558 feet
4 Jabal ‘Aybān 10,456 feet
5 Jabal Rihqah 10,112 feet
6 Jabal ash Sha`r 10,102 feet
7 Jabal Z̧ufār 9,856 feet
8 Jabal Kanwab 9,708 feet
9 Jabal Ma‘as 9,649 feet
10 Jabal ‘Amlān 9,626 feet

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