Highest Mountains In Hungary

Hungary is home to some moderately sized mountain ranges.
Hungary is home to some moderately sized mountain ranges.

Hungary is divided into three major geographic regions; the Great Alfold, the Transdanubia, and the North Hungarian Mountains. Most of Hungary has an elevation below 200 meters although it has several moderately high ranges of mountains. These mountain ranges reach a height of 300 meters above the sea level or more and cover less than 2% of the country. The North Hungarian Mountains consist of some of the highest mountains in Hungary including the following;

Highest Mountains In Hungary


Kékes is the highest point and the highest mountain in Hungary at an elevation of 3,327 feet above the sea level. The mountain is located in the Matre Range of the Haves County. Kékes is the third most popular tourist attraction in Hungary with a host of hotels and skiing pistes. Kékes Mountain also hosts Kékesteto TV Tower on its summit. The mountain was named “Kékes” because of its bluish color. Kek is a Hungarian word for blue. The mountain is popular for sports including skiing and road bicycle racing. Kekes can be climbed from Gyongyos which is the most famous route but the most difficult ascent. The mountain can also be climbed from Parad.


Hidas-berc is the second highest peak in Haves and also the second highest mountain in Hungary at an elevation of 3,185 feet above sea level. The mountain is located near Parad, Heves, in Hungary. Hidas-berc is a volcanic mountain characterized by steep, rugged slopes. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Hungary famous for hiking and climbing. Most of the tourists visiting Kekes also visit this mountain because of its uniqueness. The summit of Hidas-berc Mountain experiences seasonal snow cover, especially during winter. It is the source of water for several streams and seasonal rivers.


Galya-tető is the Hungary’s third highest mountain and the Matra Mountain Range at an elevation of 3,163 feet above the sea level. The mountain is a major tourist attraction in Hungary with thousands of tourist climbing it annually. The area around Galya-tető belongs to the Haves County that is also in charge of the management and the conservation of the mountain. The revenue collected from tourists visiting this mountain is channeled to the government through the Haves County Administration. Galya-tető is a perfect holiday village with 45 permanent residents. The hotels near the mountain also offer perfect accommodation for those visiting the area. Galya-tető Mountain is popular with climbers and mountaineers.


Csóványos lies at the border of Pest and Nograd Counties, and it is the highest point in both counties at an altitude of 3,077 feet above the sea level. The mountain is made up of ancient volcanoes that were formed over 19 million years ago. During the eruption, Csóványos and its neighboring mountains arose while the pools sunk creating Altar Valley Stream. The mountain is characterized forest cover over outstanding rock formations. Csóványos has several hiking trails which lead to the summit. A geodetic tower measuring 23 meters was erected at the peak of the mountain. In good weather, the High Tatra can be seen from the summit of Csóványos. Accessing Csóványos is through the railways which connect the mountain to the Coal Creek Valley.

Mountains as Tourist Attraction

Most of the mountains in Hungary are major tourist attractions because of the ease of climbing and hiking. The forest cover also provides perfect scenery and home for wildlife that are also major tourist attractions.

Highest Mountains In Hungary

Rank Highest Mountains In Hungary Elevation
1 Kékes 3327 feet
2 Hidas-berc 3185 feet
3 Galya-tető 3163 feet
4 Istállós-kő 3143 feet
5 Csóványos 3077 feet
6 Nagy-Milic 2933 feet
7 Balvany 2840 feet
8 Nagy-Hideg-hegy 2834 feet
9 Tar-ko 2808 feet
10 Voros-sar-hegy 2775 feet
11 Ordog-hegy 2741 feet
12 Remete-hegy 2637 feet
13 Kerek-hegy 2633 feet
14 Zserci-Nagy-del 2597 feet
15 Nagy-Atal-ko 2591 feet
16 Agasvar 2588 feet
17 Pilis 2480 feet
18 Csikorgo 2453 feet
19 Csór-hegy 2395 feet
20 Zengő 2238 feet

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