Endangered Mammals of Kyrgyzstan

A dhole. The dhole is an example of an endangered mammal in Kyrgyzstan.
A dhole. The dhole is an example of an endangered mammal in Kyrgyzstan.

Animals that are described as endangered are those whose numbers have dwindled to the point that it is feared they may go distinct. Some animals that are no longer in existence are the dinosaurs. In Kyrgyzstan, some of these animals, who have been listed in the IUCN Red List as endangered include the dhole, tiger and snow leopard.

Endangered Mammals Of Kyrgyzstan


The first endangered species is the dhole which is scientifically known as Cuon alpinus. The dhole is also called red dog, whistling dog, Indian wild dog and red wolf among other names. It is a very social animal characterized by features like slender limbs, massive skull, reddish fur, and a fluffy tail. The dhole’s existence is threatened by retaliatory killings, depletion in the numbers of its prey, diseases, competition with other species and habitat loss and transformation. Due to these threats, dholes are legally protected in the countries where they are found. There are also studies that are ongoing that will help in understanding dholes’ habits and invent more ways of protecting them.


The second species is the tiger; whose scientific name is Panthera tigri. It is popular for being the largest cat that ever lived. It grows to a length of 280 cm with a weight of 300 kg. The largest species of tigers are the Siberian tigers. In spite of tigers being very phenomenal in their looks and strength, they are often poached for illegal trade in tiger skins, meat, bones, and tonics. The increased used of land for agriculture, human settlement, and commercial logging has also led to Tiger habitat loss. Furthermore tigers are attacked and killed by locals because the tigers prey on their livestock for food. There’s need to conserve the forests and stop logging to enable the tigers to have a home. The government needs to come up with programs that will enable the locals to protect the tigers and not hunt them.

Snow Leopard

Thirdly the snow leopard, otherwise scientifically referred to as Panthera uncia, has a distinct smokey-grey fur. It is very athletic and has the ability to prey on animals even thrice its size. The snow leopard’s physical features include short forelegs, long hind legs, long tail and dark grey spots. It does not roar like other big cats do. Its existence is being threatened by illegal trade, conflict with the locals and lack of policy and awareness on conservation issues. Hence the government has provided legal protection which prevents hunting of the leopards. There are also efforts being made towards grazing management which will help come up with ways that will prevent tigers from roaming to the habitats of the locals. Other ways of conserving the population of the leopards would be to give financial incentives to communities.

Solution To The Threats Faced By The Mammals

As a nation, Kyrgyzstan needs to support the CITES resolutions in order to enforce trade bans on the endangered species. This will lead to guaranteed safety of the dholes, snow leopards and tigers. Failure to undertake this responsibility will lead to the extinction of these mammals. The consequences are long term including low economic growth due to lack of tourism attraction sites which are usually national parks and game reserves inhabited by these animals.

Endangered Mammals of Kyrgyzstan

RankScientific NameCommon Name
1Cuon alpinusDhole
2Panthera tigrisTiger
3Panthera unciaSnow leopard

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