North Carolina

North Carolina Timeline

  • (1524) Explorer Giovanni da Verrazano explored coastal areas for France
  • (1540) Hernando de Soto of Spain explored southwestern part of state searching for gold
  • (1584 - 1585) Sir Walter Raleigh sent colonists to establish English settlement on Roanoke Island
  • (1586) Hardships forced colonists to leave Roanoke Island, returned to England; Sir Frances Drake dropped off captured African-Caribbean slaves on Roanoke
  • (1587) Second colony established at Roanoke by John White; Virginia Dare became first English child born on American soil; White returned to England for supplies
  • (1590) White returned to Roanoke, all settlers gone; "CORATOAN" carved into tree
1600s - 1700s
  • (1663) King Charles II assigned Carolinas territory to eight court favorites, they became "true and absolute Lords Proprietors"
  • (1669) Colonial Carolina Fundamental Constitution legalized slavery
  • (1705) First town in North Carolina, Bath, was built
  • (1712) North Carolina made separate colony; war with Tuscarora Indians began
  • (1714) Tuscarora Indians defeated, moved north to join Iroquois
  • (1718) Pirate Blackbeard killed off coast
  • (1729) North Carolina became royal English colony
  • (1768) Back-country farmers organized Regulator Movement in attempt to reduce excessive taxes
  • (1771) Regulators suppressed at Alamance; Gov. Tyron had seven Regulators executed
  • (1774) Edenton Tea Party took place (Edenton women protested British rule by putting down their tea cups)
  • (1775) Hurricane struck Outer Banks; 165 killed; crops destroyed, mill-dams broken; unsuccessful attempt to instigate a slave revolt (Merrick's Slave Insurrection) frightened North Carolina slaveholders
  • (1776) North Carolina first state to vote for independence; North Carolina's first American Revolution battle fought at Moores Creek Bridge
  • (1789) North Carolina admitted to Union as 12th state; University of North Carolina received charter, first public school in U. S.
  • (1794) Capital moved from New Bern to Raleigh
  • (1799) First gold nugget in U. S. found at Reed Gold Mine, Cabarrus County
  • (Early 1800's) Very little progress made in state, appeared to be asleep, became known as "Rip Van Winkle" state
  • (1804) Walton War - dispute between North Carolina and Georgia over 12-mile strip of land in North Carolina
  • (1805) Georgia ceded 12-mile strip of land
  • (1828) North Carolina native, Andrew Jackson, became 7th president of U.S.
  • (1830's) U.S. government forced Cherokee Indians from homes "Trail of Tears"; many hid in mountains
  • (1831) Workmen fire proofing roof of State Capitol set building on fire; Nat Turner slave insurrection in Virginia caused execution of dozen North Carolina slaves
  • (1845) North Carolina native, James Polk, became 11th president of U.S.
  • (1851) Antislavery preachers, Adam Crooks, Jesse McBride, run out of state
  • (1853) First North Carolina state fair held
  • (1861) North Carolina left Union, voted to "undo" the act that had brought it into the United States, rather than secede
  • (1861 - 1865) Civil War took place; over 40,000 North Carolinians killed during war
  • (1865) Bloodiest battle in North Carolina occurred at Bentonville, Confederates defeated; large number of Confederates surrendered at Bennett Place
  • (1866) Tuscarora Indian, Henry Berry Lowrie, led revolt in Robeson County
  • (1868) North Carolina readmitted to Union
  • (1877) Federal reoccupation troops left state
  • (1878) Cherokee reservation formed in western N.C.
  • (1903) Wright brothers made man's first successful flight at Kitty Hawk
  • (1918) Fort Bragg established
  • (1920) 19th amendment gave women right to vote
  • (1943) Pembroke State College became nation's first four-year college for native Americans
  • (1954) Hurricane Hazel struck, 19 people killed, several hundred injured, 15,000 homes destroyed
  • (1955) Hurricane Ione caused $600 million in damages to crops
  • (1960) First sit-in occurred in Greensboro to protest segregation at lunch counters
  • (1986) Beaufort native, astronaut and pilot, Michael J. Smith, killed in Space Shuttle Challenger explosion
  • (1989) Hurricane Hugo struck, caused over $1 billion in damages
  • (1994) Raleigh-Durham area ranked best place to live in U.S.
  • (1996) Hurricane Fran struck, four people killed, 1.3 million left without power, over $500 million in damages; Governor Jim Hunt re-elected to 4th term; Elaine Marshall first female elected Secretary of State
  • (1999) Hurricane Floyd struck, 35 people killed, billions of dollars in damages
  • (2003) Police arrested Olympic bombing suspect, Eric Robert Rudolph, in Murphy
  • (2005) State legislature voted implementation of state lottery
  • (2006) North Carolina Hurricanes won hockey's Stanley Cup; 17,000 people evacuated after explosion at chemical plant near Apex
  • (2009) Seven people in North Carolina charged with plotting terror attacks in foreign countries, including Israel and Jordan
  • (2010) Duke University won NCAA Championship
  • (2011) Huricane Irene made landfall in North Carolina
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