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Russia timeline

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  • (1200sBC) Cimmerians, (Balkan people), settled in present-day Ukraine
  • (700sBC) Scythians, (Iranian people) conquered the Cimmerians
  • (200BC) Samaritans conquered the Scythians, introduced Greek and Roman influence
200AD - 800s
  • (200) German Visigoths conquered the area
  • (370) Huns, led by Attila, took control
  • (800s) Eastern Slavs settled in various areas of Russia
  • (862) Region became known as the Land of the Rus
  • (882) Kiev became the capital
1200 - 1400
  • (1237) Mongols, led by Batu Khan, invaded Russia, set fire to Moscow, slaughtered, enslaved inhabitants
  • (1237 - 1480) Mongols ruled Russia
  • (1328) Prince of Moscow, Ivan I, appointed grand prince by the Mongols
  • (1341) Ivan I died, succeeded by son Simeon
  • (1353) Simeon died, succeeded by Ivan II
  • (1359) Ivan II of Moscow died, was succeeded by nine-year old Dmitrii
  • (1462) Ivan III became ruler of Moscow, reorganized it as an absolutist state
  • (1480) Ivan III freed Russia from the Mongols
  • (1480) Ivan III of Moscow assumed title of Tsar of Russia
  • (1497) Ivan issued new legal code, Sudebnik, standardized laws, expanded criminal justice system, reduced the ability of serfs to leave their masters.
  • (1505) Ivan died, his son Vasili III took control
  • (1532) Vasili III conquered Tatar kingdom of Kazan
  • (1533) Vasili III died, son Ivan IV, (The Terrible), succeeded him; Vasili's wife, Elena Glinskaya, became regent
  • (1547) Ivan IV crowned first tsar of Russia
  • (1552) Ivan IV began conquest of Kazan, Tatarstan and Astrakhan in the Volga delta
  • (1552) Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, conquered by Ivan IV
  • (1582) Russia ceded Livonia and Estonia to Poland, lost access to Baltic Sea
  • (1584) Ivan IV died of mercury poison, throne fell to son Feodor I, who was mentally retarded; son-in-law Boris Godunov took de facto charge of government
  • (1598) Feodor I died, Godunov was elected the first non-Rurikid tsar
  • (1601) Famine killed more than one million people
  • (1605) Boris Godunov was killed; his son Feodor II was pronounced tsar
  • (1605) Feodor and his mother were killed, impostor False Dmitriy I was crowned tsar
  • (1610) Sweden helped Russia defeat Tushino rebels; Poland invaded Russia to counter Sweden's intervention
  • (1613) Michael Romanov elected as tsar by national council beginning the Romanov dynasty

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Timeline continued...
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1600s continued
  • (1624) Peasants rebelled in Ukraine against Polish rule
  • (1648) Townspeople in Moscow revolted when tax on salt was introduced
  • (1654) Nobles and landowners declared secession of Ukraine from Poland-Lithuania, demanded integration into Russia
  • (1654) Russia declared war on Poland, captured Minsk and Vilna
  • (1655) Sweden invaded Poland-Lithuania, millions died
  • (1687) Russia and Poland signed treaty of "eternal peace"
  • (1689) Peter the Great became tsar
  • (1689 - 1725) Peter the Great introduced new reforms, including creation of regular conscript army and navy, subordinated the church to himself, created new government structures, laid foundation for the Russian Empire
  • (1700 - 1721) Great Northern War - Conflict in which a coalition led by Russia to contest supremacy of the Swedish Empire in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
  • (1713) Capitol moved from Russia to Saint Petersburg
  • (1721) Treaty of Nystad ended Great Northern War; Sweden ceded Estonia, Livonia, Ingria to Russia
  • (1735 - 1739) Russo-Turkish War fought between Russia and the Ottoman Empire
  • (1739) Russo-Turkish War ended with Treaty of Nissa; Russia ceded claims on Crimea and Moldavia, its navy was barred from the Black Sea
  • (1745) England, Austria, Saxony and the Netherlands formed alliance against Russia
  • (1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Great Britain, Prussia and Hanover
  • (1762) Treaty of Saint Petersburg ended Russian participation in Seven Years War
  • (1762) Tsar Peter III overthrown by Imperial Guard, replaced by his wife, Catherine II
  • (1772 - 1814) Russia acquired Crimea along with parts of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia
  • (1796) Catherine II died, son Paul I took over the throne

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