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Mauritania landforms

Mauritania has a generally flat landscape with vast plains that are punctuated by the occasional ridge or cliff-like outcropping.

Bisecting the plains in the center of the country are a series of sandstone plateaus giving way to spring-fed oases.

The most prominent feature of this region is the Guelb er Richat, also known as the Eye of the Saraha, which is a deeply eroded dome consisting of a variety of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.

Three-quarters of the Mauritania landscape is desert or semidesert, and as a result of severe drought the arid land has been expanding. There are no significant lakes or rivers.

The highest point of the country is Kediet Ijill at 3,001 ft (915 m); the lowest point of Mauritania is Te-n-Dghamcha at -16 ft (-5 m).
Eye of the Saraha
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