Where is Saskatoon, SK?

map showing the location of Saskatoon
Location of Saskatoon on a map.

Saskatoon is a city found in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located 52.12 latitude and -106.63 longitude and it is situated at elevation 501 meters above sea level.

Saskatoon has a population of 198,958 making it the biggest city in Saskatchewan. It operates on the CST time zone.

Quick facts

Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Population 198,958
Elevation 501 m over sea level
Time Zone CST
Longitude -106.634520
Latitude 52.116790



Located in central Saskatchewan on the South Saskatchewan River in Canada, Saskatoon retains an unmistakable Western air, with cowboys and horse trails meshed with cultural sophistication and a wealth of Art Nouveau architecture.

The city experiences each of the four seasons, with very warm summers and true winters, and a natural scenic beauty. The park-lined banks of South Saskatchewan River entice residents and tourists to stroll, jog and bike.

Known as the Bridge City for its seven graceful river crossings, Saskatoon has some unforgettable landmarks, such as the Delta Bessborough Hotel and Meewasin Valley Trail. There is also a rich cultural scene, complete with interesting museums and scores of concerts, theatrical events, live performances and festivals. Live theater is a vibrant part of Saskatoon's culture – and the city is home to a number of theatre venues.


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