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The North Pole

The northernmost point on the earth's surface is called the North Pole. Also known as the Geographic North Pole, or Terrestrial North Pole, it is diametrically opposite the South Pole.

Located approximately 442 miles north of Alert, Ellesmere Island, Canada, it's positioned at (and defines) 90° north latitude, so from here, all travel in any direction would be south.

Under widely-accepted international law, no country owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it.

Russia has recently asserted it's desire to look for oil in the Arctic, however Canada, Denmark (via Greenland), Norway, the United States (via Alaska) and Russia are still restricted to a 200-mile zone around their established coastlines.

In the summer months at the pole the sun is permanently above the horizon; during winter the sun never rises.

The North Pole is significantly warmer than the South Pole because it lies at sea level in the middle of the Arctic Ocean (albeit mostly frozen), where as the South Pole is significantly elevated on the frozen continent of Antarctic.

arctic mountain A Polar Mountain ( photo)


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