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San Andres timeline

1500s - 1600s
  • (early 1500s) San Andres island discovered by Spanish voyagers
  • (1527) San Andres appeared on Spanish maps
  • (late 1500s) Dutch arrived at San Andres
  • (1627) English Puritans arrived
  • (1628) British settlers arrived
  • (1631) British evicted Dutch settlers
  • (1633) Black slave labor initiated by British
  • (1635) Spaniards attacked the archipelago (San Andres, Isla de Providencia, Santa Catalina); Spaniards forced out
  • (1670) English pirate, Henry Morgan, used San Andres as an operations center for his treasures
1700s - 1800s
  • (1740-1787) British possessed San Andres
  • (1792) Don Bernardo Troncoso, Captain General of Guatemala, recognized the archipelago; Catholic religion arrived andchurch was built; San Andres given exemption from export and import taxes
  • (1802) Archipelago inhabitants requested they depend on the Viceroyalty of New Granada
  • (1803) San Andres became a dependent of the Viceroyalty of New Granada
  • (1810) New Granada gained independence from Spain; councils established in San Andres; land titles granted to white families of the island
  • (1818) Simon Bolivar independent forces occupied the island
  • (1821) Francisco de Paula Santander took the islands during the Wars of Independence
  • (1822) San Andres became part of the Gran Columbia; Columbian flag raised on the island
  • (1848) San Andres declared a free port
  • (1851) Constitution of Columbia abolished slavery
  • (1900) France recognized all of the islands of the archipelago belonged to Columbia
  • (1902) United States requested that San Andres be part of Panama; American proposal rejected by islanders as being unpatriotic

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1900s continued
  • (1912) Municipality of San Andres and Providencia established, given administrative independence
  • (1928) Esguerra-Barcenas Treaty signed; Nicaragua recognized Columbia's sovereignty over archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina
  • (1972) Archipelago declared a Special Municipality
  • (1991) San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina established as one of the Departments of Columbia
  • (2000) Archipelago became a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
  • (2001) Nicaragua filed formal complaint with International Court of Justice in the Hague, claimed the archipelago of San Andres as their territory
  • (2007) International Court of Justice recognized the full sovereignty of Columbia over the islands of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina

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