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Cancun facts
  • Name: Cancun - a coastal city in Mexico's easternmost state, Quintana Roo, on the Yucatán Peninsula.
  • Cancun Population: 711,000 (2011 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN) (conversion rates)
    Note: U.S. dollars are widely accepted in Cancun.

    Twenty Mexican Pesos
  • Mexico GDP total: $6.19 billion (2010 est)
  • Mexico GDP per capita: $21,700 (2010 est)
  • Land Sizes
  • Languages: Spanish 92.7%, regional indigenous dialects 5.7%, others. Note: Across Cancun, English is widely spoken in the hospitality industry.
  • Name: The name Cancún, Cancum or Cankun first appeared on maps from the 18th century. The meaning of Cancún is unknown, and it is also unknown whether the name is of Maya origin. If it is of Maya origin, possible translations include "Place/Seat/Throne of the Snake" or "Enchanted Snake."
  • National Day: September 16
  • Religions: Catholic (89%), Protestant (6%), others
  • Symbols

cancun lighthouseCancun Lighthouse.
Note: The red flag indicates unsafe swimming conditions.

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