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Oman timeline

700's AD - 1800's
  • (700s) Arabs were dominant, introduced Islam
  • (751) Imams ruled the region as spiritual leaders
  • (800's) Ibadiyah Islamic sect ruled with a succession of elected, hereditary Ibadite imams
  • (1154) Oman was ruled by Nabhani Dynasty
  • (1507) Portuguese seize Omani coast, sack Muscat
  • (1650) Portuguese expelled from Oman by the Imam Sultan bin Saif al-Yarubi
  • (1737) Persians invaded Oman
  • (1749) Persian community expelled
  • (1800s – 1900s) Empire expands to include Zanzibar and Mombasa and pars to Indian subcontinent
  • (1840) Zanzibar became capital of Oman
  • (1861) Ruler adopted the title of "Sultan
  • (1907) British forced abolition of slavery on Sultan of Zanzibar
  • (1913) Control of Oman was split, Ibadite imams ruled interior, sultan ruled coastal areas
  • (1920) Sultan recognized autonomy of the interior under British-brokered agreement
  • (1954) Imam began new rebellion
  • (1959) Sultan Said bin Taimur suppressed the rebellion, regained control
  • (1964) Oil reserves were discovered
  • (1965 - 1975) Leftist forces fought government in southern region of Dhofar, uprising stopped with assistance of soldiers from Jordan and Iran
  • (1967) Oil extraction began
  • (1970) Sultan Said overthrown by his son, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, in a bloodless coup; Sultan Said sent to exile in London
  • (1970) Sultan Qaboos started a liberalization, modernization program
  • (1981) Oman became a member of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council
  • (1996) Sultan Qaboos presented Oman's first written constitution, "Basic Statutes of the State"
  • (1997) Sultan Qaboos granted women the right to be elected to the Shura Council, country's consultative body, two women were elected
  • (1999) Oman and United Arab Emirate signed a border agreement
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  • (2000) Sultan Qaboos appointed a 48 member state council which included 5 women
  • (2000) Six Persian Gulf nations signed regional defense pact
  • (2002) Sultan extended voting rights to everyone over 21 years of age
  • (2003) First elections held where all citizens over 21 could vote
  • (2004) Sultan appoints Oman's first female minister
  • (2006) Oman and US sign a free trade deal
  • (2007) Cyclone Gonu killed more than 50 people, disrupted oil production
  • (2009) Suspected Somali pirates hijacked cargo vessel off coast of Oman
  • (2011) Protesters in Sohar demanded higher salaries, more employment opportunities, political reform, one protestor killed
  • (2011) Sultan Qaboos promised greater powers following the unrest


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