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A forest scene in Sweden
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View from Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest point
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dot Land Statistics
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arrow Coastline 3,218 km (includes Gotland and Oland)

arrow Land Area

(land) 410.934 sq km

(water) 39,030 sq km

(TOTAL) 449,964 sq km

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arrow Horizontal Width 373 km - from the capital city of Stockholm, west to border with Norway

arrow Vertical Length 1,208 km - from Kiruna in the far north, then southwest to Goteborg

Note: Length and width examples are point-to-point, straight-line measurements from a Mercator map projection, and will vary some using other map projections

arrow Bordering Countries (2) Finland and Norway

arrow Counties (21) Sweden is divided into 21 counties, or administrative regions, and they include: Blekinge, Dalarnas, Gavleborgs, Gotlands, Hallands, Jamtlands, Jonkopings, Kalmar, Kronobergs, Norrbottens, Orebro, Ostergotlands, Skane, Sodermanlands, Stockholms, Uppsala, Varmlands, Vasterbottens, Vasternorrlands, Vastmanlands and Vastra Gotalands

arrow Map of Sweden Counties here!

arrow County (largest by pop.) Stockholm, 1,803,377

arrow County (largest by size) Norrbotten, 98,911 sq km

arrow Highest Point Kebnekaise, at 2,111 meters

arrow Lowest Point near Kristianstad, -2.41 meters

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arrow Landforms During the last Ice Age, much of Sweden was covered by a thick layer of ice. By 6,000 BC, when that ice finally retreated (or melted) it left in its wake a deeply-indented coastline (in the south) with many islands, and innumerable lakes, rivers and streams spread across the entire country.

In the north (above the Arctic Circle) Sweden is rugged with snow-covered mountains and thick forests, while central Sweden is dominated by lower mountains in the west that give way to heavily forested hills and ridges, dozens and dozens of rivers and an estimated 101,000 lakes. In the south, large lakes (some linked by canals) and widely cultivated plains stretch across the land.

Sweden's border with Norway is covered by the Scandinavian Mountains, or in Swedish, the Kolen (or Kjolen) Mountains. These are relatively low-level mountains, as Sweden's highest point, Kebnekaise, stands at just 2,111 meters (about 7,000 ft.)

Sweden's coastal areas include several small islands and reefs, especially in the east and southwest. Directly south of Stockholm (a city of islands) are Gotland and Oland, Sweden's largest islands. White sandy beaches are common along the southern coastline.

Significant lakes include Siljan, Storsjom, Varern and Vattern, and with few exceptions, the balance of Sweden's lakes are on the small side.

Sweden's largest rivers include the Angerman, Eman, Indal, Lagan, Ljusnan, Lule, Osterdal, Skellefte, Storuman, Torne and Ume.

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