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Monaco History Timeline

1200s – 1800s
  • (1297) Francois Grimaldi (Francois the Crafty), a member of exiled family from Genoa, disguised as monk, seized the fortress on the Rock of Monaco
  • (1400's) Duke of Savoy, the Pope and king of France recognized Monaco's sovereignty
  • (1524-1641) Grimaldi family, allied with Spain and Monaco, under Spanish protection
  • (1793) French Revolution; Grimaldi family deposed, unification with France followed
  • (1814) Monaco returned to the Grimaldi family; Monaco became Sardinian protectorate
  • (1861) Under Franco-Monegasque treaty Monaco's independence restored
  • (1863) Prince Charles III built casino of Monte Carlo
  • (1911) Monaco's first constitution drafted
  • (1918) Treaty with France established that Monaco would be an autonomous French state when the Grimaldis die
  • (1929) First Monaco Grand Prix
  • (1949) Prince Rainier III succeeded his grandfather, Prince Louis II; the principality of Monaco joined UNESCO; Prince Rainer III crowned 30th Monarch of Monaco
  • (1956) American actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III of Monaco
  • (1963) French residents of Monaco liable for French taxes
  • (1982) Princess Grace of Monaco died of injuries from a car crash near Monte-Carlo
  • (1993) Monaco joined the United Nations as smallest member state
  • (2002) Monaco amended its constitution, new succession law passed, designed to keep the Grimaldi family on the throne even if Crown Prince Albert fathers no heir
  • (2004) Monaco placed on OECD blacklist of uncooperative tax havens
  • (2005) Prince Rainer III died; Prince Albert II formally installed as ruler of Monaco
  • (2008) In parliamentary elections, incumbent government was reelected
  • (2009) OECD removed Monaco from blacklist of uncooperative tax havens; Monaco's population about 33,000
  • (2011) Prince Albert II married Charlene Wittstock

Monaco Photographs

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