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Georgian Flag

Georgia Flag:
Flag of Georgia

This recently adopted flag is a simple white rectangle, with a central red cross connecting all four sides of the flag; in each of the four corners is a small red bolnur-katskhuri cross.

Note that the five-cross flag dates back to the 14th century.

Larger Georgia flag

Georgia Coat of Arms:
Flag of Georgia

Georgia's coat of arms contains two lions rampant, both of which support a red shield containing the image of Saint George.

Mounted on top of the shield is the royal crown of Georgia, and below is a white ribbon displaying the country motto, "Strength is in Unity," in Mkhedruli script.

Georgia Photographs

Naval Ensign of Georgia

Naval Ensign of Georgia

war flag

Georgian War Flag

SSR Flag

Flag of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1951–90

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