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faeroe islands

The rugged Faeroe Islands (18 in all), are in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 250 miles (402 km) directly north of Scotland.

First settled by the Norwegian Vikings, these islands, politically connected to Denmark since the 14th Century, have enjoyed home rule since 1948, and continually strive for full sovereignty.

Many of the inhabitants live in and around the Thorshavn area, the administrative capital and largest city in the islands.

With very little cultivated land, sheep raising is a significant business, and in fact, the name Faeroe Islands is said to mean "Sheep Islands." Fishing, and offshore oil finds help diversify the economy.

Ferries and shipping companies link the islands to the European mainland, and tourism is a growing business.

The Faeroe Island's maps and information pages are currently being revised, and will be posted soon.

Quick Facts and Figures

arrow Official Name Faeroe Islands
(alt. Faroe, or Føroyar) a self governing territory of Denmark, claimed in 1380

arrow Administrative Capital Torshavn

arrow Flag here

arrow Languages Faeroese, Danish

arrow Latitude/Longitude 62º 00' N, 7º 00' W

arrow Official Currency Danish Krone

arrow Religions Lutheran

arrow Population 46,345

arrow Land Area 1,399 sq km (540 sq miles)

arrow Landforms Similar to Iceland, the Faeroes are lava based islands with elevated coastal cliffs and some elevated peaks. The highest point (on Eysturoy) rises to 2,894 ft. (882m)

Grass grows along the base of local mountains, but few trees survive because of the relentless North Atlantic winds.

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arrow Faeroe Islands Outline Map here

arrow Faeroe Islands CIA version here

arrow European Continent here

arrow European Continent at UT here

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arrow Climate Winters are mild, summers are cool and most days are overcast, foggy and (very) windy. Ocean storms and thick fog are common, and North Atlantic hurricanes do occasionally strike the islands in the summer months.

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