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Belarusian Flag

Belarus Flag:
Flag of Belarus

The Belarus flag was officially adopted on May 16, 1995.

The dominant red and green were colors used on its flag when it was a republic of the former Soviet Union. The woven fabric ornament on the left uses traditional Belarussian red and white colors.

Larger Belarus flag

Belarus Coat of Arms:
Flag of Belarus

The coat of arms of Belarus (considered an emblem) replaced the historic Pahonia arms in 1995, and is composed of a red and green ribbon wrapped around stalks of wheat and flowers.

In the middle of the emblem the rays of a sun shine through the outline of the country, which hovers above a globe depicting part of Eurasia. At the top of the emblem is a red five-pointed star.

Belarus Photographs

Flag of Byelorussian SSR Byelorussian SSR flag, 1951 to 1991belrus presidential standard Presidential standard of Belarus

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