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Armenian Flag

Armenia Flag:
Flag of Armenia

The flag of Armenia was officially adopted on August 24, 1990.

After gaining its independence from the former Soviet Union, this flag, once used in the 1920s, was proudly hoisted.

Its colors are said to represent the people of Armenia, with red symbolic of the spilled blood of all Armenian soldiers, present and past; the orange symbolic of the fertile land and the farmers that work it; and the blue is symbolic of hope and the promising sky above.

Larger Armenia flag

Armenia Coat of Arms:
Flag of Armenia

Armenia's coat of arms was adopted on April 19, 1992.

It consists of an eagle and lion holding onto a shield, with the shield itself being divided into five sections.

The center section depicts Noah's Ark sitting on top of Mount Ararat, and within the surrounding sections are symbols of old Armenian dynasties.

Below the shield rest five elements: a sword (for power and strength), a broken chain (for independence), wheat (for their hard working nature), a feather (for intellectual and cultural heritage) and a ribbon (for the flag).

Armenia Photographs

Flag of Armenian government Flag of the Armenian governmentsoviet flag Flag of Artaxiad Dynasty (189 BC - 1 AD)soviet flag Flag of Soviet Armenia (1952 - 1990)

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