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Kuwaiti Flag

Kuwait Flag:
Flag of Kuwait

The flag of Kuwait was officially adopted on September 7, 1961.

The traditional Pan-Arab colors of black, green, red and white are used on the flag. Black symbolizes defeat of the country's enemies; green symbolizes the fertility of the land; red is symbolic of the enemies' bloodshed, and white represents purity.

Larger Kuwait flag

Kuwait Coat of Arms:
Flag of Kuwait

Kuwait's coat of arms (considered an emblem) was adopted in 1962, and is composed of a golden falcon bearing a shield depicting the national flag.

Within the wings of the falcon (a symbol of the Banu Quraish line) is a ship sailing over water with Kuwait's full name written above in Arabic.

Kuwait Photographs

First Standard of Kuwait

First Emiri Standard (1956)

Second Standard of Kuwait

Second Emiri Standard (1980s)

Kuwait flag kite

Kuwait flag kite launching Clappingsimon at en.wikipedia

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