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India flags

India Flag:
Flag of India

The India flag was officially adopted on July 22, 1947, as the Indian subcontinent divided into India and Pakistan.

The orange represents courage and sacrifice, green symbolizes faith and chivalry, and white idealizes peace and truth. The Buddhist spinning wheel (Chakra) is centered.

Larger India flag

India Coat of Arms:
Flag of India

India's coat of arms contains four Indian lions (symbolizing royalty and pride) standing on a wheel, known as the Ashoka Chakra (which represents truth and honesty).

Written in Sanskrit is the verse Satyamev Jayate, a revered saying in the ancient language, which translates to, "Only (the one who speaks) the truth will win or wins."

Flag of British India
Flag of British India (1858–1947)

naval ensign flag
Gandhi's flag (1921)

swaraj flag
The Swaraj Flag (1931)

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