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Ugandan Flag

Uganda Flag:
Flag of Uganda

The flag was adopted October 9, 1962. The flag's colors: black, yellow and red, represent the Ugandan people, sunlight and brotherhood.

The centered "Great Crested Crane" is the country's national badge (symbol).

Larger Uganda flag

Uganda Coat of Arms:
Flag of Uganda

Uganda's coat of arms features a Crested Crane and a Ugandan Kob supporting a shield that displays three symbols: waves for Lake Victoria at the top, a sun representing the beautiful weather centered, and a traditional drum symbolic of dancing at the bottom.

Crossed behind the shield are spears, and the national motto is displayed on a ribbon below.

Uganda Photographs

Presidential Standard of Uganda Presidential Standard of UgandaFlag of the Uganda Protectorate Flag of the Uganda ProtectorateFlag of Uganda 1962 Flag of Uganda (1962)

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