Famous Mudslides By Fatalities

Major mudslides can be caused by many different things such as earthquakes, floods and eruptions. Here are some of the major mudslides and the fatalities that were caused by them.

Mudslides are natural occurring disasters that brings about loss of life, destruction of property and widespread destruction. The major causes of mudslides are caused naturally by earthquakes, volcano eruption, flood, landslides, hurricanes etc. for a mudslides to be consider a natural disaster it must have caused loss of lives, property destruction and a profound environmental effect. Mudslides can be quite dangers as they can cause death of up to 4 million people as it has happened in china. They have been major epidemics caused by mudslides, here are some of the major mudslides:

The 1931 china floods is the most major mudslide ever to happen, it was caused by floods that end up killing an estimated 2 million up to 4 million people. The flood mudslide occurred in the month on June and august. The disaster occurred in a series of flood happening in yellow river, Yangtze River, Hhuai River. It was consider among the deadliest disaster to ever occur on the face of the earth.

The1887 china flood is the second most deadly disaster to ever happen. It was estimated that about 900,000 up to 2 million people lost their live after the yellow river busted its banks causing major mudslides for people neighboring the river. It occurred during the moths of September and October in 1887.

The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake or as known to many jailing earthquake was the deadliest earthquake to ever happen. It caused the loss of 820,000 up to 830,000 lives the earthquake hit at a magnitude of 8.0 causing the whole area of Ming dynasty to have a major quake. It occurred in the morning of 23th January 1556 and more than 97 provinces were affected with the largest being affected was Shaanxi. The loss of life was mainly due to mudslides and landslides that happened immediately after the earthquake.

The 1970 Bhola cyclone was a devastating cyclone that happened in Bangladesh, India. It left up to half a million people dead and it was considered the world deadliest cyclone ever. People lost lives in the storm but due to floods some area occurred mudslides that increased the number of people who died in that storm. The St. Felix’s flood hit Netherlands or as referred by many Dutch in sint-felixvloed on the Saturday of November 5th 1530. It was estimated to have killed more than 100,000 people with the main cause being mudslide, flood and landslides. This was a day that was left to be known as the evil Saturday.

The 1971 severe flood of the red river in the north of Vietnam killed an estimated 100,000 people. The Hanoi and Red river Delta flood disaster was considered the most serious event in the 20th century. The floods caused quite big mudslides especially those people living near the red river bunk. Most of the villages near the river collapsed and a lot was not recovered due to the ongoing Vietnam War.

In the past few year mudslides and even natural occurring calamities has been a serious danger to humans, that is why organization such as environmental and social justice organization have stepped up to educate people and even help to try and overcome such environmental disasters.

Famous Mudslides By Fatalities

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RankCountries# of Deaths
1Soviet Union (1949)12,000
2Peru (December 1941)5,000
3Honduras (September 20, 1973)2,800
4Italy (October 9, 1963)1,917
5China (August 7, 2010)1,765
6Philippines (February 17, 2006)1,126
7India (October 1, 1968)1,000
8Colombia (September 27, 1987)640
9Peru (March 18, 1971)600
10China (March 23, 1934)500

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