Countries With The Most Protestant Christians

The U.S. tops the list with more than half of its people identifying as adherents to branches of Protestantism.

The Protestant Church is a form of practice and faith of Christianity. It is one of the three major divisions of the religion. This organization began with the intention of rectifying the errors of the Roman Catholic Church. The origins of the Protestant Church can be traced back to the 1500’s and today it has over 900 million followers which is almost forty percent of Christians worldwide.

Protestantism Around the World

The United States has the largest amount of Protestant believers with a total number being approximately 160 million people. This is around 20% of all protestants in the world. The main reason for such a large Protestant population can be found by tracing back to the time of settlement. The majority of settlers in the United States were either from Great Britain and from Northern Europe. These migrants were predominantly Protestant and as a result, a large Protestant population can be found in the United States. The impact of the Protestant Church is large in United States society and one of the biggest impacts can be seen in the education sector. Major universities such as Yale, Harvard and Brown were founded by Protestants and many schools around the country are built with the support and ideologies of the Protestant Church.

Outside of the United States, there are a large number of Protestants in many African nations including, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A large reason for this is due to the spread of the British Empire. The African countries with a large number of Protestants were mostly all once part of the British Empire. The United Kingdom is a great preacher of the Protestant Church and the word of this church had been taught to these African nations while they were still a part of the British Empire. This is also the case with India which also has a large number of Protestant believers.

While the former British Empire nations and the United States of America have the largest numbers of Protestants, the United Kingdom and Germany also have a large number of Protestants and this is due to the fact that their origins of this religious group began here. Martin Luther is known as one of the founders of this religion and he was German and that is a reason why Germany has a high number of Protestants. As for the United Kingdom, the Protestant population is due to historical supporting of the practice by national leaders such as Henry VII and Edward VI.

Protestantism in the Future

The Protestant Church is one of the most powerful organizations in the world as it makes up a large proportion of the world’s population. Furthermore, it is important to note that more and more Christians are moving to the Protestant Church and by 2050 it is projected that more than half of the Christian population in the world will be Protestant. Protestantism is one of the most dynamic religious movements in the contemporary world and in the future it will continue to be a major religious group worldwide.

Countries With The Most Protestant Christians

RankCountries With The Most Protestant ChristiansProtestant Believers
1United States 160 million
2Nigeria 60 million
3China 58 million
4Brazil 41 million
5South Africa 37 million
6United Kingdom 34 million
7DR Congo 32 million
8Germany 29 million
9Kenya 24 million
10India 19 million

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