Countries With The Largest Jewish Populations

The majority of the world's Jewish people currently live in either Israel or the United States.

In 1933, before the rise of Adolph Hitler, Nazi rule, and the onset of World War II, about nine million Jews lived in every European country with large populations residing in Poland, the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania. During the Holocaust Jews from across the continent were systematically rounded up, displaced, and executed on a massive scale. After World War II, Europe’s Jewish population was decimated with a death toll of approximately six million human beings. This fact translates into the murder of two out of every three Jews.

Largest Worldwide Jewish Populations


Today the majority of the world’s Jews live in either Israel or the US. According to a 2015 report from the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics out of the country’s 8,463,500 residents, some 6,336,000 or almost 75% of the population are members of the Jewish faith. The modern nation of Israel was formed in 1947 when many Jews sought to establish a homeland in an area of the Middle East steeped in historical and cultural significance. Israel's Holy Land stretches between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and plays an important role not only in Judaism but also within the Christian and Islamic religions.

United States

In the United States, the Jewish community is made up of an array of ethnic groups including Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Mizrahi Jews. Despite factors like prejudice, assimilation, and intermarriage Judaism has continued to flourish in America. Large numbers of the Jewish community have consistently achieved success in diverse fields including education, the arts, law, politics, and medicine. US cities which have the highest populations of Jews include New York, Miami, Boston, and Los Angeles.


Members of the Jewish faith have a long history in the country of France. Today the French nation boasts the highest number of Jewish residents anywhere in Europe. France is home to important Jewish organizations such as The Consistoire Central Israelite de France et d’Algerie, the Conseil Representaif des Juifs de France, and the Fods Social Juif Unife. Although the majority of Jewish children are said to attend French public schools, according to a 2015 report by Le Parisien Daily, Jewish high schools rank as some of the best in the entire country.


The North American country of Canada is home to an estimated 380,000 Jewish residents. The first Jews came to Canada as members of the British army in 1760. Between 1946 and 1960 it’s estimated that about 46,000 Jews immigrated to Canada with 30-40% of those being made up of Holocaust survivors and their descendants. Most Jewish residents in Canada live in large urban centers such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.


The first Jews to arrive in Australia were English prisoners who were sent to modern day Sydney in 1788. According to a 2011 census, 0.5% of Australia’s population are Jewish. After World War II large numbers of Jews immigrated to the South Pacific country. Among the resources available to Australia’s Jewish residents include JewishCare as well as the Jewish Museum of Australia.

Other countries

Other countries with sizable Jewish populations include the European nations of the United Kingdom and Germany as well as Russia. Argentina and Brazil are two South American countries which are home to some of the largest Jewish communities in the world. It’s interesting to note that the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires features the only kosher McDonald’s fast food restaurant outside of Israel. The majority of Argentina’s Jews live in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Rosario.

Jews Around the World

Despite a long history of prejudice and discrimination Judaism has continued to flourish in various parts of the globe. Members of the Jewish community have an important place not only in the society's of country's such as Israel and the US but also in an array of other nations including France, Canada, Argentina, and Australia.

Countries With The Largest Jewish Populations

RankCountries With The Largest Jewish PopulationsJewish Population
1Israel 6,014,000
2United States 5,425,000
3France 478,000
4Canada 380,000
5United Kingdom 290,000
6Russia 190,000
7Argentina 182,000
8Germany 118,000
9Australia 113,000
10Brazil 95,000

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