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Belgian Flag

Belgium Flag:
Flag of Belgium

The Belgium flag was officially adopted on January 23, 1831.

It was designed to signify Belgium's recognition as an independent country. Black, gold and red are symbolic of the country's coat of arms; black representing the shield; gold representing the lion, and red representing the lion's claws and tongue. The vertical layout is taken from the French Tricolore.

Larger Belgium flag

Belgium Coat of Arms:
Flag of Belgium

Belgium's coat of arms is composed of a golden lion against a black shield, with the royal crown resting on top, and the motto L'Union Fait La Force (Unity Makes Strength) on a ribbon below. Directly behind the shield are crossed sceptres.

Belgium Photographs

belgian government ensign Government Ensign of Belgiumnaval ensign flag Naval Ensign of Belgiumnaval ensign flag Senate building, Brussels, Belgium Asterion at en.wikipedia

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