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South Korean Flag

South Korea Flag:
Flag of South Korea

The South Korea flag was officially adopted on October 15, 1949.

The three black unbroken bars (upper left) symbolize heaven; the trigram (lower left) symbolizes fire; the trigram (upper right) symbolizes water; the three broken bars (lower right) symbolize earth.

The white field represents the traditional color of the Korean people.

The centered Yin-yang symbol signifies unity.

Larger South Korea flag

South Korea Coat of Arms:
Flag of South Korea

The emblem of South Korea features the taeguk symbol (from the national flag) surrounded by five flower petals and a ribbon displaying the name of the country in Hangul characters.

South Korea Photographs

Flag of South Korea 1882

Flag of South Korea 1882

naval ensign flag

South Korean Naval Ensign

standard of the prime minister

Standard of the Prime Minister

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