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Maldivan Flag

Maldives Flag:
Flag of Maldives

The Maldives flag was officially adopted on July 26, 1965.

The field of Islamic green symbolizes peace and prosperity, while the crescent is the symbol of Islam. Red was the original color of the country's first flag.

Larger Maldives flag

Maldives Coat of Arms:
Flag of Maldives

The emblem of the Maldives contains a coconut palm, two national flags and the Crescent symbol of Islam. The script below reads "State of the Mahal Dibiyat" in Arabic.

Maldives Photographs

Presidential Standard

Presidential Standard of the Maldives

Early flag of Maldives

Flag used until the early 20th century

Presidential Standard

Maldives Independence Protectorate flag (1953 to 1965)

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