Where is Saint John, NB?

map showing the location of Saint John
Location of Saint John on a map.

Saint John is a city found in New Brunswick, Canada. It is located 45.27 latitude and -66.07 longitude and it is situated at elevation 5 meters above sea level.

Saint John has a population of 87,857 making it the biggest city in New Brunswick. It operates on the ADT time zone.

Quick facts

Country Canada
Province New Brunswick
Population 87,857
Elevation 5 m over sea level
Time Zone ADT
Longitude -66.067660
Latitude 45.272710


St. John's, the oldest English-founded settlement and the most north easterly point in North America, combines old world charm, with exceptional services and facilities, along with unique architecture, historic and natural attractions.

The provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's is so unique, it has its own time zone, a half hour off kilter with the rest of the world.

Offering a mixture of new and old, St. John's teems with historic sites along with various establishments for an exciting nightlife.

St. John's has the third mildest winter compared to other cities in Canada, while summers are cool to warm, making outdoor activities attractive no matter what time of year.

St. John's is truly one of the most unique destinations you will ever visit.

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