Countries With The Most Personal Computers Per Capita

Developed countries in the EU, Southeast Asia, and North America have the most personal computers per capita.

New technology has exploded into the world and changed the lives of people everywhere. Personal computers are one of these advancements that have made life easier for many citizens and affected their lives in fundamental ways. In countries like Switzerland and the United States, where well over half of the population has a personal computer, people have easy access to all sorts of information. Furthermore, having a laptop makes it easier to communicate with others or work online. Many jobs now are computer based, and workers can even complete their assignments from home.

Computers in the Home

Switzerland is leading the world with the highest amount of personal computers per capita. 65 of every 100 people have a laptop at home. Behind them is the United States, with 57 of every 100 people having their personal computer. Their northern neighbor Canada only has about 42 computers for every 100 people. Even though this is lower than some of the other countries, it is still a part of a new phenomenon that has emerged in the past few years. Researchers believe that the increase of personal technology has led to a more sedentary life. More young people have laptops, so they are spending their leisure time on the internet instead of engaging in social activities and interacting with others. Economic implications include new work opportunities for people who have computers at home. Studies by economists Doms and Lewis indicate that countries with a higher educated populace were more likely to have a greater number of personal computers. Overall, the data supports these findings. All eleven of the countries mentioned above have a population where a large percentage of the population goes to college or university.

The Future Trends

As the access to technology spreads, the world is connected in new and different ways. Countries that have always been ahead with high-tech technologies are more likely to have a population with more personal computers. This technological advancement not only changes job opportunities but it also changes the way that people interact with one another. There are many more IT jobs available, and some workers focus on handling technology instead of interacting with people. As the world becomes even more advanced, modes of personal interaction will change, especially in the countries that are already highly advanced with their computer skills.

Countries With The Most Personal Computers Per Capita

RankCountries With The Most Personal Computers Per CapitaPersonal computers per 100 people.
2United States57
11Hong Kong40

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