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US Virgin Islands timeline

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1800s continued
  • (1867) Devastating hurricane ended the plantation system, discouraged US plans to purchase the islands
  • (1868) Voters unanimously supported a US purchase of the islands; US rejected purchase of St. Thomas and St. John from Denmark for $7.5 million
  • (1878) Rebellion of disgruntled workers on St. Croix led by Mary Thomas (Queen Mary)
  • (1879) Labor Act amended to allow contract negotiation
  • (1902) Denmark rejected US offer to buy St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix for $5 million
  • (1917) Official transfer of Danish West Indies to US for $25 million
  • (1927) Virgin Islanders granted American citizenship
  • (1930) First automobile arrived on St. Thomas; U.S. Navy rule ended
  • (1931) Dr. Paul M. Pearson became first civilian governor
  • (1936) US Congress passed First Organic Act, gave political power to the local Virgin Islands government
  • (1946) First black governor, William H. Hastie, elected
  • (1962) First commercial jet landed in St. Thomas
  • (1971) Melvin Evans became first black Virgin Islander to be elected governor
  • (1989) Hurricane Hugo struck Caribbean, St. Croix hit the hardest
  • (1995) Hurricane Marilyn killed 10, caused $1.5 billion in damages
  • (1997) Dr. Donna Christian Green became first woman elected Virgin Islands’ delegate to US Congress

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  • (2004) Over 5,500 residents of St. Croix signed petition asking Congress to make it its own U.S. Territory
  • (2006) Former chief of environmental protection pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges to defraud government of more than $1 million
  • (2008) 40 boats sank or washed ashore during Hurricane Omar, caused oil spills
  • (2009) Police cancelled J’ouvert Carnival after four people were wounded in shooting and two stabbing's
  • (2010) U.S. federal authorities obtained court order requiring officials in U.S. Virgin Islands to repair sewage plants that dumped raw waste at beaches
  • (2011) Traffic stop led to seizure of 502 pounds (228 kg) of cocaine with street value of more than $6 million

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