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belize timeline

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  • (1809) Maya of Belize attacked British logging camps 
  • (1821) Central American region declared independence from Spain 
  • (1839) Federation of Central America dissolved; Guatemala claimed they inherited sovereign rights from Spain for Belize 
  • (1840) Laws of England declared to be in force in Belize 
  • (1854) Formal constitution adopted, provided for Legislative Assembly for Belize 
  • (1859) Treaty between Guatemala, Britain defined Belize boundaries 
  • (1862) Belize declared British crown colony, named British Honduras 
  • (1929 - 1930) Great Depression caused drop in imports, reduced export prices; government finances collapsed 
  • (1931) Hurricane struck Belize City, killed 2,500, devastated northern coast 
  • (1940) Guatemala declared 1859 Treaty void, restablished claim to Belize 
  • (1950 - 1960) Mennonites from Canada immigrated to Belize searching for religious freedom 
  • (1954) Constitutional reforms gave Belize limited autonomy 
  • (1959) Belize and Guatemala signed border treaty 
  • (1961) Hurricane Hattie destroyed most of Belize City, killed 307 
  • (1964) New constitution gave Belize full autonomy; control of local government passed to Belize; Britain retained control over defense, foreign affairs, internal security, terms and conditions of public service; Governor General appointed George Price as prime minister 
  • (1970) Capital moved from Belize City to Belmopan 
  • (1964) Guatemala threatened war against Britain, mobilized troops at border; Britain sent fleet, several thousand troops to Belize 
  • (1973) Name changed from British Honduras to Belize 
  • (1975) Britain sent squadron of Harrior jets to Belize due to tension with Guatemala 
  • (1979) Refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala came to Belize 
  • (1981) Belize became independent from Britain; Guatemala protested, refused to recognize new status; British troops remained to defend the country 
  • (1991) Guatemala recognized Belize independence 
  • (1993) British government announced withdrawal of troops 

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