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Famous Uruguayans

Uruguay's Information

Flag of Uruguay
Land Area 175,015 km2
Water Area 1,200 km2
Total Area 176,215km2 (#89)
Population 3,351,016 (#135)
Population Density 19.15/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $73.25 Billion
GDP Per Capita $20,300
Currency Peso (UYU)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Eduardo Blanco Acevedo politician, physician
  • Delmira Agustini poet
  • Wilson Ferreira Aldunate leader national party
  • Gregorio Alvarez general, former dicator
  • Juan Jose de Amezaga lawyer, former president
  • Julio Cesar Benitez Amodeo footballer
  • Mariano Arana politician, former minister of housing
  • Jorge Pacheco Areco politician, former president
  • Rodney Arismendi author, politician
  • Jose Gervasio Artigas national hero
  • Danilo Astori minister of economic and finance
  • Pablo Atchugarry sculptor
  • Real de Azua analyist
  • Didier Opertti Badan former interior minister
  • Alfredo Baldomir soldier, architect, former president
  • Hugo Batalla politician, former vice-president
  • Jose Belloni scultpor
  • Mario Benedetti journalist, poet, author
  • Luis Batlle Berres politician, former vice-president
  • Juan Manuel Blanes artist
  • Samuel Blixen author
  • Juan Maria Bordaberry rancher, former president
  • Pedro Bordaberry politician
  • Raul Sichero Bouret architect
  • Emiliano Branchiari musician
  • Federico Britos musician
  • Baltasar Brum former president
  • Jose Maria Flores Burlon boxer
  • Raul Montero Bustamante professor
  • Fernando Cabrera author
  • Juan Jose Calandria artist
  • Edgardo Cambon musician
  • Canaro orchestra leader, violinist
  • Roberto Canessa one of 16 survivors in Andes air crash, politician
  • Lorenzo Carnelli lawyer, politician
  • Del Ciopo director
  • Mauricio Cravotto architect
  • Juan Lindolfo Cuestas former president
D - E
  • Pedro Dalton musician
  • Antonio Diaz author
  • Eduardo Acevedo Diaz author
  • Eladio Dieste engineer
  • Jorge Drexler composer
  • Dr. Jose L. Duomarco scientist
  • Jose Eugenio Ellauri lawyer, former president
  • Alfredo Evangelista boxer
  • Eduardo Fabini composer, musician
  • Hugo Fernandez Faingold former vice-president
  • Hugo Fattorusso composer
  • Vaz Ferreira philosopher, author
  • Pedro Figari artist
  • Acuna de Figueroa lyricist
  • Francisco Acuna de Figueroa poet
  • Venancio Flores general, former president
  • Diego Forlan football player
  • Gonzalo Frasca game designer, academic researcher
  • Emilio Frugoni socialist, politician, lawyer, journalist
  • Eduardo Galeano author
  • Joaquin Torres Garcia artistr
  • Serafin Garcia scholar
  • Carlos Gardel king of tango
  • Reinaldo Gargano socialist party leader, politician
  • Jorge Gestoso journalist
  • Carlos Gonzalez artist
  • Julio Cesar Grauert lawyer, politician

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