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Map of Suriname
Locator Map of Suriname

Suriname's Information

Flag of Suriname
Land Area 156,000 km2
Water Area 7,820 km2
Total Area 163,820 km2
Population 585,824
Population Density 3.58 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $8.55 Billion
GDP Per Capita $15,200
Currency Dollar (SRD)
Largest Cities
  • Paramaribo (223,757)
  • Lelydorp (18,223)

ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

Suriname , the "beating heart of the Amazon" remains one of the few unspoiled destinations on the planet.

Almost 70% of its land is covered by tropical rain forest, and the country is home to a series of quality national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas.

Major attractions include Paramaribo, a "melting pot" of Chinese, Dutch, Hindustani, Indian and Javanese cultures, its old colonial-style wooden buildings, central market, Presidential Palace, Independence Square and historic Fort Zeelandia.

For adventure travelers, the interior regions of the country include many older plantation structures and eco-tours of the tropical rain forest. Note that most tour guides utilize Suriname's rivers, as travel by boat is expedient, and offers a wonderful opportunity to view the beauty of the country.

  • Electricity: 127V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: Suriname receives a high amount of rainfall and in fact, has two rainy seasons: December to January and March to July. Thus, the best time to travel is in February or between August and November.

    The Suriname climate is tropical with warm temperatures year-round.
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