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Famous Peruvians

Peru's Information

Flag of Peru
Land Area 1,279,996 km2
Water Area 5,220 km2
Total Area 1,285,216km2 (#19)
Population 30,741,062 (#43)
Population Density 24.02/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $410.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $13,000
Currency Sol (PEN)
Largest Cities

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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Santi Acasiete footballer
  • Alex Acuna musician
  • Martin Adan author
  • Alborada musician
  • Cesar Altamirano musician
  • Tupac Amaru I last indigenous leader of Inca state
  • Tupac Amaru II leader 1780 indigenous uprising
  • Alejo Aramburu tennis player
  • Silvana Arias actor
  • Laura Arraya
  • Anthony Atala scientist
  • Alejandro Ayarza "Karamanduka" singer, actor
  • Eva Ayllon composer, singer
  • Rafael Azca footballer
  • Susana Esther Baca singer, songwriter
  • Aida Balta author
  • Micky Bane author
  • Alberto Barton scientist
  • Jaime Bayly author
  • Los Belkins musical group
  • Michael Bentine author
  • Deborah Berninzon model, actress
  • G. E. Berrios scientist
  • Diego Bertie actor
  • Cecilia Bracamonte singer
  • Benjamin Bratt actor
  • Carlos Bustamante scientist
  • Leao Butron footballer
  • Andres Avelino Caceres war hero, former president
  • Juan Manuel Caipo producer, drummer
  • Jaime Campos scientist
  • Javier Cayo Campos architect, artist, author
  • Manco Capac founder Inca dynasty
  • Mayta Capac member of Hurin dynasty
  • Alex Carle actor
  • Felipe Carnero V. political scientist
  • Ana Cecilia Carrillo volleyball player
  • Daniel Alcides Carrion physician
  • Marshal Ramon Castilla former president
  • Marco Castro film director, screenwriter, actor
  • Arturo "Zambo" Cavero singer
  • Stephanie Cayo actress, model
  • General Morales Bermudez Cerruti former president
  • Martin Chambi photographer
  • Caroline Chaparro saxophone player
  • Constanza Chaparro actress
  • Javier Chaparro violinist
  • Daniel Chavez footballer
  • Jorge F. Chavez jockey
  • Jorge Chavez airplane pilot
  • Jose Santos Chocano poet, author, journalist, diplomat, entrepreneur
  • Mar de Copas music group
  • Justiniano Lopez Cornejo lawyer
  • Los Embajadores Criollos muscial trio
  • Rinaldo Cruzado footballer
  • Teofilo Cubillas soccer player
  • Javier Perez de Cuellar politician
  • Henry Ian Cusick actor
D - F
  • Jason Day actor
  • Mauricio Echazu tennis player
  • Sebastian Echegaray scientist
  • Alfredo Bryce Echenique author
  • Jose Maria Eguren author
  • Kelber Escudero artist
  • Johan Fano footballer
  • Lucha Fuentes volleyball player
  • Nicolas Fuentes footballer
  • Alberto Fujimori former president
  • Orlando Fundichely actor
  • Sergio Galliani actor
  • Pedro Ruiz Gallo scientist
  • Jose Galvez photographer
  • Jean Carlos Gamarra Taekwondo master
  • Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia Miss World 2004
  • Alonso Garrido musician
  • Laura Gildemeister tennis player
  • Armando Roble Godoy director, screenwriter
  • Anali Gomez surfer
  • Julio Granda chess player

H - J

  • Javier Heraud author
  • Jorge Heraud scientist
  • Martin Hidalgo soccer player
  • Luis Horna tennis player
  • Jorge Huirse pianist, composer
  • Vanessa Jeri actress
  • Cesar Jumpa volleyball player
L - M
  • Kiko Ledgard actor
  • Augusto B. Leguia former president
  • Claudia Llosa film director, screenwriter
  • Mario Vargas Llosa author
  • Francisco J. Lombardi film director
  • Jose Carlos Mariatequi author
  • Christian Meier musician
  • Mariano Melgar patriot, poet, artist, author
  • Michel Angelo Mendoza lyricist, poet
  • Mauro Mina boxer
  • Vladimiro Montesinos politician
  • Marina Mora Miss Peru 2002
N - P
  • Gianelia Neyra television host
  • Carlos I. Noriega astronaut
  • Jose Olaya independence martyr
  • Luis Jose Orbegozo solider, former president
  • Paddington Bear fictional character
  • Ricardo Palma author
  • Carlos A. Parodi political scientist
  • Pedro Paulet scientist
  • Alan Garcia Perez president
  • Nicolas de Pierola former president
  • Claudio Pizarro soccer player
  • Carlos Enrique Polanco artist
  • Mateo Pumacahua defeated rebel army of Tupac Amaru II
R - S
  • Julio Ramon Ribeyro author
  • Inca Roca first of the Hanan dynasty
  • Sinchi Roca leader Cuzco kingdom
  • Orlando Romero boxer
  • Jose Sabogal artist
  • Mauricio Jorge Sanchez physician
  • Miguel Grau Seminario naval officer
  • Adolfo Suarez billiard player
T - Z
  • Julio C. Tello scientist
  • Eduardo Tokeshi artist
  • Victor Raul Haya de la Torre politician
  • John M. Kennedy Traverso body builder
  • Alexander Grobman Tversqui scientist
  • Julio Ugarte y Ugarte author
  • Gisela Valcarcel television host
  • Abraham Valdelomar author
  • Pedro Suarez Vertiz musician
  • Jose Watanabe author
  • Esveidy Yuriar singer, actor
  • Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957
  • Barton Zwiebach scientist

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Peru Trivia

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Peru?

The largest ethnic group of Peru is Native American, who make up 45% of the population.

Major Ethnic Groups Of Peru

Where is the Purus River?

The Purus River runs 1,995 miles through the South American nations of Brazil and Peru.

Where is the Purus River?

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