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Travel to Chile

Easter Island Easter Island
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

Chile is quite simply a land of incomparable scenery, and worldwide travelers frequently rave about their individual journeys into its unparalleled landscapes and fascinating history.

For starters, Chile has more than its share of beaches, coves and inlets for exploring and swimming; numerous skiing, scuba diving and surfing venues, and some of the planet's most spectacular deep-sea fishing. In addition, Chile's yearly calendar is crammed with cultural events and colorful festivals.

In the north, major attractions include the Spanish colonial architecture and history of Arica, Antofagasta and Coquimbo; topography of the Altiplano (plateau), the home of high-altitude alpacas, llamas and the ancestral heritage of the Aymara Indians; the lunar-landscape of the Atacama Desert and the volcanic-in-origin national parks and nature preserves.

In the central regions the snow-capped Andes front the farms and vineyards of the country's most fertile valleys. Points-of-interest include the port city of Valparaiso and its regional casinos and sporting venues; the desirable climate, high-quality hotels, and stunning landscapes and vistas of Santiago, and the nearby world-class ski resorts.

In the south, recommendations include the beautiful Lake District, running south from Temuca; Puerto Montt; Puerto Natales; Chilo Island; the rugged scenery of Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego, and the wide-variety of national parks and nature preserves, including Bernardo O'Higgins, Laguna San Rafael, Magdalena Island, and the unbelievable, unforgettable and almost unimaginable - Torres Del Paine.

Major side-trips include Isla Robinson Crusoe about 400 miles directly west of Valparaiso, and of course, remote Easter Island a 2,400 miles journey to the land of the Moai, the famed giant stone statues that ring the island.

Besides the landscape, Patagonia is ground-zero for all kinds of outdoor activities and adventures, including big game hunting and world-class fishing, horseback riding, rafting, sailing, power-boating, mountain climbing, golf, and don't forget skiing (June - September) as some of the best conditions anywhere are easily reached.

And finally, the main cities of Argentina offer well-developed tourist facilities, and there's a wide variety of celebrations and festivals to enjoy.

  • Electricity: 220V, 50Hz
  • Times to Travel: Note that seasons in Chile (south of the Equator) are just the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Spring: September - November
    Summer: December - February
    Fall: March - May
    Winter: June - August.

    Most travelers prefer southern Chile in the summer months as the mountain area attractions and resorts are easy to reach and the temperatures are quite pleasant. Frankly, Chile is so spectacular that visiting in the spring and fall should also be considered.

    Central Chile (Concepcion, Santiago and Valpariso) is almost perfect in the spring. In the northern reaches of the country, spring and fall days are often the best, as rain is a factor in summer.

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