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Famous Chileans

Easter Island Easter Island


  • Tamara Acosta actress
  • Miguel Luis Amunategui historian
  • Saint Teresa de los Andes first Chilean saint
  • Nemesio Antunez artist
  • Diego Barros Arana historian
  • Armando Uribe Arce poet, diplomat
  • Claudio Arrau pianist
B - C
  • Eduardo Barrios author
  • Gustavo Becerra composer
  • Joaquin Edwards Bello author, journalist
  • Jaime Bendersky architect, artist
  • Richardo Caballero professor
  • Jose Maria Caro first Chilean Cardinal
  • Francisco Coloane author
  • Marta Colvin sculptress
  • Patricio Contreras actor
  • Beto Cuevas singer
D - E
  • Jose Donoso author
  • Ariel Dorfman novelist, playwright
  • Florencio Duran former senate president
  • Francisco Antonio Encina historian
  • Crescente Errazuriz Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Ricardo Lagos Escobar president
  • Nicolas Eyzaguirre former finance minister
  • Tito Fernandez folklorist
  • Elias Figueroa football player
  • Jaime Fillol tennis player
  • Fernando Flores politician
  • Alejandro Foxley former finance minister
  • Don Francisco television host
  • Cristian de la Fuente actor
  • Gregorio de la Fuente artist
  • Alberto Fuguet author, journalist, director

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