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Famous Bolivians

Bolivia's Information

Flag of Bolivia
Land Area 1,083,301 km2
Water Area 15,280 km2
Total Area 1,098,581km2 (#27)
Population 10,969,649 (#81)
Population Density 10.13/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $78.66 Billion
GDP Per Capita $7,200
Currency Boliviano (BOB)
More Information Bolivia
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - G
  • Alcides Arguedas politician, author
  • Jessica Anne Burton Miss Bolivia 2006
    (born in England)
  • Luzmila Carpio singer
  • Victor Paz Estenssoro politician, former president
  • General Agustin Gamarra Peruvian general
  • Javierdel Granada poet
  • Ernesto Che Guevara revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader (born in Argentina)
I - M
  • Oscar Ichazo founder of Arica school
  • Jamie Laredo violinist
  • Mariano Melgarejo former president
  • Alonso de Mendoza founder of La Paz
  • Matilde Casazda Mendoza poet , songwriter
  • Rene Zavaleta Mercado politician, philosopher
  • Ismael Montes political figure
  • Evo Morales presidemt
  • Gabriel Rene- Moreno author , historian
  • Pedro Domingo Murillo patriot
O - Z
  • Juan Lechin Oquendo labor union leader
  • Simon Patino industrialist
  • Arturo Posnansky archoeologist
  • Jaime Saenz poet, author
  • Gonzalo Sanchez politician, business man, former president
  • Jose Ramiro Suarez Soruco researcher
  • Hugo Banzer Suarez politician, military general, dictator, former president
  • Antonio Jose de Sucre former president
  • Franz Tamayo author, politician
  • David Toro leader during the Chaco War
  • Francis Schwitegebel Torres author, art critic, artist (born in England)
  • Jaime Paz Zamora former president
  • Adela Zamudio poet, author
  • Hernan Siles Zuazo politician
  • Jaime de Zudanez politician
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Bolivia Trivia

What Is The Capital Of Bolivia?

While the majority of countries around the world have established one specific city as the political capital, this is not the case in Bolivia. In this country, the 3 branches of government are divided between two cities: Sucre and La Paz. Sucre is the center for the judicial branch and La Paz is the seat of both the executive and legislative branches. The story behind this division in government has its roots in the Spanish colonial area

What Is The Capital Of Bolivia?

What Are The Native Plants Of Bolivia?

Bolivia is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries and is home to over 17,000 species of vascular plants. Some of the native plants of the country include Amazon Sword Plant, Bolivian Begonia, Mistol, Fire Flag, Cuplet Fern, etc.

Native Plants Of Bolivia

Where is the North Yungas Road?

The North Yungas Road, known as the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” as per the title given to it by the Inter-American Development Bank, covers a treacherous 56 km long journey from La Paz to Coroico in Bolivia.

North Yungas Road – the Most Dangerous Road in the World

What Kind of Government Does Bolivia Have?

Bolivia, a landlocked country located in South America, carries out its government via a presidential representative democratic republic. Under this political framework, the President is both the Head of State and the Head of Government.

What Type Of Government Does Bolivia Have?

What Languages are Spoken in Bolivia?

The Constitution of Bolivia was adopted in 2009, and specified the country's official languages. Bolivia has one of the highest numbers of official languages in the world, with 39 languages being lawfully recognized as official. The major native languages in Bolivia that have more than a million speakers are Quechua and Aymara. Castilian is the Spanish dialect used in Bolivia, with speakers found all over the country.

What Languages are Spoken in Bolivia?

What is the Culture of Bolivia Like?

The culture of Bolivia is influenced by both indigenous cultures and the cultures of the colonial powers that ruled the country in the past.

The Culture Of Bolivia

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