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Famous Argentinians


A - C

  • Norma Aleandro actress
  • Gabriel Batistuta football player
  • Manuel Belgrano politician, creator of argentine flag
  • Ladislao Biro inventor ball point pen
  • Julio Bocca ballet dancer
  • Jorge Luis Borges writer, poet, critic, librarian
  • Guillermo Brown admiral
  • Adolfo Bioy Casares author
  • Juan Jose Castro composer
  • Julio Cortazar author
D - G
  • Juan Martin del Potro tennis player
  • Raul Di Blasio pianist
  • Ulises Dumont actor
  • Tomas Elroy journalist, author, newspaper founder
  • Adolfo Perez Esquivel nobel laureate
  • Carlos Gardel singer, songwriter, composer (born in France)
  • Alberto Ginastera composer
  • Emanuel Ginobili basketball player
  • Ernesto "Che" Guevara revolutionary, guerrila leader, author
  • Ricardo Guiraldes author
H - L
  • Jose Hernandez journalist, poet
  • Bernardo Alberto Houssay nobel laureate
  • Olivia Hussey (Olivia Osuna) actress
  • Paco Jamandreu confidant of first lady Eva Peron
  • Mario Kempes footballer
  • Juan B. Justo founder Argentina Socialist Party
  • Alejandro Korn physician, reformist, politician
  • La Argentia flamenco dancer
  • Fernando Lamas actor
  • Lorenzo Lamas actor
  • Luis Federico Leloir biochemist (born in France)
  • Leopoldo Lugones journalist, author
  • Benito Lynch author
M - P
  • Diego Maradona footballer, manager
  • Karen March war correspondent
  • Tomas Elroy Martinez journalist, newspaper founder
  • Lionel Andres Leo" Messi footballer
  • Gen. Bartolome Mitre former president
  • Leonardo Moledo author
  • Roberto Noble journalist, politician, anchor
  • Fito Paez musician, songwriter
  • Pascual Perez first argentine world boxing champ
  • Eva Duarte de Peron "Evita" former first lady
  • Emilio Pettoruti artist
  • Felipe Pigna historian
  • Luis Puenzo film maker
R - T
  • Juan Manuel de Rosas dictator
  • Jose de San Martin protector of the south
  • Domingo Faustino Sarmiento essayist
  • Jose Maria Sobral Antarctic explorer
  • Osvaldo Soriano author, film maker
  • Juan Domingo Peron Sosa politician
  • Carlos Thays landscape architect
  • Juan Carlos Thorry actor, musician
V - Z
  • Hector Varela musician
  • Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield author of civil/commercial codes
  • Juan Vucetich inventor modern fingerprinting
  • Rodolfo Walsh journalist, author, revolutionary
  • Alberto Williams composer
  • Abraham Willink entomologist
  • Jamie Yankelevich businessman , television pioneer
  • Rogelio Yrurtia sculptor
  • Juan Carlos Zabala athlete
  • Roberto Zaldivar M.D.
  • Pablo Ziegler musician

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Argentina Trivia

What Languages Are Spoken in Argentina?

Spanish is the most spoken language in Argentina. Argentina is the fourth most populous Spanish-speaking nation in the world after Mexico, Spain, and Colombia. Italian ranks second among the languages spoken in Argentina.

What Languages Are Spoken In Argentina?

What is the Capital of Argentina?

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, which is located along the southeastern shore of South America, along the Río de la Plata. This city has a population size of 3.89 million and a metropolitan population of around 17 million, making it the largest in the country and fourth largest in the western hemisphere.

What Is The Capital of Argentina?

What is the Biggest City in Argentina?

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is also its largest city hosting a population of 2,776,138 people.

The Biggest Cities In Argentina

What is the Largest Religious Group in Argentina?

Argentina is a predominantly Roman Catholic Christian nation, although daily life for most citizens is very secular.

Religious Beliefs In Argentina

What Kind of Government Does Argentina Have?

Argentina is a presidential democratic republic where the President is the Head of State and the Head of Government, and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The government operates in three branches, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.

What Type Of Government Does Argentina Have?

Which Are The Native Plants Of Argentina?

Argentina’s varied climate and terrain creates the ideal environment for the growth of a great diversity of species of flowers, trees, and grasses. The country is home to over 10% of the global varieties of flora. These include Darwin’s Barberry, Yerba Mate, Darwin’s Slipper, Santa Cruz Water Lily, etc.

Native Plants Of Argentina

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