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Map of New Zealand
Locator Map of New Zealand PACIFIC OCEAN

New Zealand's Information

Flag of New Zealand
Land Area 264,537 km2
Water Area 4,301 km2
Total Area 268,838 km2
Population 4,474,549
Population Density 16.64 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (New Zealand Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $175.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,100
Currency Dollar (NZD)
Largest Cities
  • Auckland (417,910)
  • Wellington (381,900)
  • Christchurch (363,926)
  • Manukau City (362,000)
  • Waitakere (208,100)
  • North Shore (207,865)
  • Hamilton (152,641)
  • Dunedin (114,347)
  • Tauranga (110,338)
  • Lower Hutt (101,194)

ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)Travelers from around the world come to New Zealand to participate in extreme adventure sports, such as bungee jumping, sky diving, glacier hiking, rappelling, skiing, mountain climbing, kayaking and river rafting.

But (without doubt) it's the dazzling landscapes of New Zealand that are the country's major tourist attractions, and some of them literally defy description.

A few of the favorite attractions on North Island include Auckland, the Bay of Islands, Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, the Rotorua area with its boiling mud pools, geysers, hot springs and steam vents, and the charming capital city of Wellington.

North Island is also home to snow-capped volcanic peaks, including Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe, Mount Taranaki and Mount Tongariro.

On South Island, not-to-be-missed sites include Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound, Mount Cook National Park and the majesty of the Southern Alps, and the cities of Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.

A visit to New Zealand would not be complete without enjoying the history of the Maori culture. It's maintained and displayed in over 10,000 sites across the country.

For travel tips, city details, major attractions and points-of-interest, follow the links below.


  • Electricity: 230V, 50Hz
  • Times to Travel: New Zealand's climate is comfortable year-round, so the "best time" to travel is whatever fits your schedule.

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