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New Zealand History Timeline

New Zealand's Information

Flag of New Zealand
Land Area 264,537 km2
Water Area 4,301 km2
Total Area 268,838km2 (#75)
Population 4,474,549 (#126)
Population Density 16.91/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (New Zealand Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $175.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,100
Currency Dollar (NZD)
More Information New Zealand
Largest Cities
1900's continued
  • (1979) Air New Zealand flight crashes on Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 257 killed
  • (1981) Riots broke out all over New Zealand in protest of South African rugby tour, described as worst 56 days in history of New Zealand
  • (1985) New Zealand refused US nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships to enter ports, breaking ANZUS pact; established itself as world's first anti-nuclear country; French sunk Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior, at Auckland
  • (1986) Constitution Act ended right of British Parliament to pass laws for New Zealand; Pope made first visit to New Zealand
  • (1995) Team New Zealand won America's Cup
  • (1996) Government agreed to settle land claim filed by Maoris, Ngai Tahu people to receive land and cash worth $117 million, regained some fishing rights
  • (1997) Activist attack damaged America's Cup; Auckland's Sky Tower opened; Customs investigated claims of odometer fraud on imported Japanese cars
  • (1998) Waitangi Tribunal ordered government to return confiscated land in Turangi to Maori owners; Women's rugby team, Black Ferns, became world champions; tuberculosis discovered in South Auckland; power cables failed in Auckland, city left without full power for over a month
  • (1999) Peter Jackson began filming "Lord of the Rings" trilogy
  • (2000) Team New Zealand successfully defended America's Cup
  • (2001) Thousands of red fire ants found at Auckland International Airport; New Zealand suffered severe summer drought; Government rescued Air New Zealand
  • (2003) Tens of thousands of New Zealanders demonstrated against Iraq war; Australia, New Zealand began withdrawing troops from Solomon Islands; four Latvian climbers plunged to their deaths from Mount Cook; pilot Kelvin Stark killed while flying new plane to California, plane was first passenger plane built in New Zealand designed for skydiving; avalanche swept down Mount Tasman, killed four climbers, injured two
  • (2004) 3,400 gallons of fuel spilled in fjord listed as World Heritage site, officials said spill was eco-terrorism and economic sabotage against tourism industry
  • (2006) New Zealand troops joined intervention forces in East Timor
  • (2007) Police arrested 17 in anti-terror raid, Maori activists accused of planning violence against country's white majority
  • (2008) Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary died
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Gisborne District Gisborne
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