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Victoria Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B

  • Wil Anderson comedian
  • William Anderson RAAF officer
  • Felice Arena author, illustrator
  • Ted Baillieu politician
  • Charles Leslie Barrett naturalist, journalist, author, ornithologost
  • Bill Baxter politician
  • Clarice Beckett painter
  • Francis Birtles adventurer, photographer, cyclist, filmmaker
  • Arthur Boyd painter
  • Guy Boyd sculptor
  • Russell Boyd cinematographer
  • Sam Bramham Paralympic medalist, swimmer
  • Steve Brimacombe runner
  • Ryan Broekhoff basketball player
  • Sue Brooks director, producer
  • Barry Buckley musician
  • Nathan Burrage writer
  • Ian Cairns surfer
  • Michael Guy Chislett musician
  • Ron Clarke athlete, writer, politician
  • Charlie Clausen actor
  • Richard Clements painter
  • Ken Coghill politician
  • Adrian Cole RAAF officer
  • Geoffrey Connard politician
  • John Connelly prospector
  • William Cooper Aboriginal political activist
  • Lindy Davies actress, director
  • Smoky Dawson musician
  • Ashley Delaney swimmer
  • Maggie Dence actress
  • Stefan Dennis actor, musician
  • Dick-a-Dick tracker, cricketer
  • Jack Donaldson athlete
  • Adam Donovan musician
  • Cherise Donovan actress
E - G
  • Joff Ellen actor, comedian
  • Greg Fasala swimmer
  • John Field brigadier
  • Travis Fimmel actor, model
  • Helen FitzGerald novelist, screenwriter
  • Walter Wilson Froggatt entomologist
  • Joseph Furphy author, poet
  • Amanda Garner ballroom dancer
  • Brett Garsed musician
  • Corinne Grant comedian
  • Vince Grella footballer
  • William Guilfoyle botanist
  • Edward Harrington poet
  • Eric Harrison RAAF officer
  • Nick Haywood musician
  • Basil Hennessy archaeologist
  • Lakyn Heperi musician
  • Lauren Hewitt track and field sprinter
  • Ella Hooper musician
  • Wayne Horsburgh musician
  • Joseph Hughes ice hockey player
  • Merv Hughes cricketer
J - L
  • Shane Jacobson actor
  • Bill Johnston cricketer
  • George Jones RAAF officer
  • Justin Kane boxer
  • John Keegan politician
  • Joshua Kennedy footballer
  • William John Kennedy Aborigine activist
  • Bruce Kingsbury World War II soldier
  • Ben Knight actor
  • Cynna Kydd netball player
  • Marjorie Lawrence soprano
  • John Lerew RAAF officer
  • Robin Levett travel writer, novelist, philanthropist, pilot
  • Lionel Lindsay artist


  • George Mackinolty RAAF officer
  • Wirginia Maixner neurosurgeon
  • Kathleen Maltzahn author
  • Alice Manfield mountain guide, photographer
  • Roby Lewis Manuel World War I flying ace
  • Paul McGinness World War I flying ace
  • Bill McGrath footballer
  • Stephanie McIntosh actress, singer
  • Hugh Victor McKay inventor
  • Ian Dougald McLachlan RAAF officer
  • Angus McLaren actor
  • Bob Miller politician
  • Horrie Miller aviator
  • Elyne Mitchell author
  • William J. Mitchell architect
  • George Pitt Morison painter
  • Bobby Morley actor
  • Stephen Mowlam Olympic medalist, field hockey
  • Steve Moxon kickboxer
  • Massimo Murdocca footballer
N -P
  • Frank Arthur Nankivell artist, political cartoonist
  • Graham Perkin journalist, newspaper editor
  • Richard Pescott botanist
  • Nathan Phillips actor
  • Peter Pinne writer, composer
  • Shane Porteous actor
  • Susan Charles Rankin activist
  • Ian Reed discus thrower
  • Shayne Reese Olympic medalist, swimmer
  • Brett Roneberg baseball player
  • Paul Roshier cricketer
  • Tim Ross comedian, radio host, television presenter
  • Ellis Rowan b otanical illustrator
  • Bill RoycroftOlympic medalist, equestrian
  • John Ryan swimmer
  • T. J. Ryan politician
S - T
  • Abby Sargent netball player
  • Benjamin Schmideg actor
  • Sarina Singh travel author
  • Sols cartoonist
  • Rachael Sporn basketball player
  • Douglas Stubbs artist
  • Brook Sykes actor
  • Libby Tanner actress
  • Stephanie Tanti footballer
  • Allan Walters RAAF officer
  • Merrick Watts comedian, radio host, television presenter
  • Marc Webb footballer
  • Timothy James Webb painter, sculptor
  • Ray Weinberg athlete
  • Vernon Wells actor
  • Andrew Wight screenwriter
  • Matt Williams equestrian
  • Anne Wills television and radio personality
  • Carly Wilson basketball player

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