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Tasmania History Timeline

1900s continued
  • (1916) Daylight savings time introduced as temporary wartime measure
  • (1917) Ridgeway Reservoir completed
  • (1919) Worldwide Spanish influenza epidemic reached Tasmania, affected 1/3 of population, claimed 171 lives
  • (1929) Northern Tasmania flooded, 22 killed; dam burst damaged Derby township and tin mines
  • (1932) Lyell Highway opened, linked Hobart with West Coast
  • (1932) Former Premier Joseph Lyons became prime minister, only Tasmanian to hold that office
  • (1936) The last known Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine) died at Hobart's Beaumaris Zoo
  • (1939-1945) World War II
  • (1940) German naval raiders planted mines off Hobart and other Australian areas; Hobart closed to shipping because of mine threat; Bass Strait closed after mine sank British steamer
  • (1943) Enid Lyons elected first woman of House of Representatives
  • (1948) Margaret McIntyre won Legislative Council seat, became first woman member of Tasmanian Parliament
  • (1951) Hartz Mountains National Park proclaimed
  • (1954) Hobart Rivulet area damaged after severe floods affected southern and eastern Tasmania
  • (1965) Oil drilling began in Bass Strait
  • (1967) Black Tuesday bushfires claimed 62 lives, destroyed more than 1,300 homes
  • (1967) Indigenous Australians received right to vote
  • (1968) Death penalty abolished
  • (1969) Launceston experienced worst flooding in 40 years
  • (1973) Australia's first legal casino, Wrest Point Hotel Casino, opened in Hobart
  • (1975) MV Lake Illawarra freighter crashed into Tasman Bridge, 12 died, part of bridge collapsed
  • (1977) Newly repaired Tasman Bridge reopened
  • (1981) Devonport proclaimed city
  • (1981) Bushfires destroyed 40 homes in Zeehan
  • (1982) Conservationists blockaded Gordon-below-Franklin hydro-electric dam work
  • (1982) Liberal government elected for first time in state's history
  • (1983) Federal regulations blocked Franklin Dam construction; High Court ruled in favour of federal sovereignty, ended the proposed Gordon-below-Franklin scheme
  • (1983) Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council established
  • (1986) Aboriginal rock paintings discovered by archaeologists in southwest, believed to be 20,000 years old
  • (1992) Aborigines occupied Risdon Cove in protest of land claims
1900s continued
  • (1992) State's unemployment rate reached 12.2%, jobs declined in public and private sectors; workers' rally forced temporary closure of House of Assembly
  • (1993) Tasmania's unemployment rate 13.4%
  • (1995) Unemployment rate dropped to 9.6%
  • (1996) Martin Bryant killed 35 people, injured 20 in shooting rampage at Port Arthur historic site, Supreme Court sentenced him to life in prison
  • (1998) Storms and massive seas claimed six lives in Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
  • (1999) Wild winds and heavy rain caused chaos across Tasmania
  • (2001) Tasmanian Australian rules football clubs took national stage playing home and away VFL games for the first time in 120 years
  • (2003) Fires posed the worst fire threat in 30 years
  • (2003) Richard Butler appointed governor
  • (2003) Same-sex adoptions legalized
  • (2004) Richard Butler resigned at request of the premier
  • (2006) Beaconsfield mine collapsed, one miner killed, two trapped underground for 14 days
  • (2010) Labor Party Premier David Bartlett won fourth consecutive term
  • (2011) Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) opened in Hobart, became top tourism attraction within a year
  • (2013) Wild fires destroyed more than 100 buildings, communities is some areas cut off
  • (2013) Cruise ship rescued French sailor off coast of Tasmania

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