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South Australia

South Australia Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

N - P
  • Brad Newley basketball player
  • Geoff Ogilvy golfer
  • Stuart O'Grady bicycle road racer
  • Mark Oliphant physicist, governor
  • Ben Oxenbould comedian, actor
  • Teresa Palmer actress
  • Matthew Pavlich footballer
  • Gian Carlo Petraccaro director
  • Wayne B. Phillips cricketer
  • William Herbert Phillipps merchant, philanthropist
  • Greig Pickhaver comedian, actor
  • DBC Pierre author
  • Thomas Playford IV politician
  • Lois Ramsey actress
  • Mike Rann politician
  • Roy Rene comedian, vaudevillian
  • Vic Richardson sportsman
  • Michael James Rowland director
  • Gillian Rubinstein author, playwright
  • Xavier Samuel actor
  • Kevin Scarce governor
  • Bel Schenk poet
  • Luke Schenscher basketball player
  • Vern Schuppan motor racing driver
  • Adam Scott golfer
  • Hugh Sheridan actor, musician
  • Tony Shillitoe author
  • Tim Sinclair poet, novelist
  • Edward Charles Stirling surgeon, scientist, politician
  • John Lancelot Stirling politician
  • Jeffrey Smart painter
  • Josiah Symon lawyer, politician
  • Shaun Tait cricketer
  • Terence Tao mathematician
  • Murali K. Thalluri director, producer, writer
  • Colin Thiele author
  • Andy Thomas astronaut, aerospace engineer
T continued
  • David Thorne author, humourist, satirist
  • Alex Tobin footballer
  • Alfred Traeger engineer
  • Adam Tuominen actor
  • Michael Turtur Olympic medalist, track cyclist
U - V
  • David Unaipon preacher, inventor, writer
  • Melanie Vallejo actress
  • Aurelio Vidmar footballer
  • Tony Vidmar footballer
  • Eddie White animation writer, director, actor
  • Susan Dorothea White painter, sculptor, author
  • Robin Warren pathologist, researcher
  • Jay Weatherill politician, premier
  • Hubert Wilkins polar explorer, ornithologist, pilot, soldier, geographer, photographer
  • Sean Williams author
  • Sam Willoughby cyclist
  • Ben Winch writer, musician
  • Nan Witcomb author
  • Mark Woodforde tennis player
  • Frank Woodley comedian, actor

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