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Queensland History Timeline

BC - 1700s
  • (50,000BC) Aborigines began to arrive
  • (1606) Dutch explorer, Willem Jansz, became first European to arrive on Queensland coast
  • (1770) Captain James Cook mapped the eastern coastline, claimed it for England
  • (1901) Queensland became a State of the Commonwealth of Australia, along with New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria
  • (1902) Brisbane proclaimed a city
  • (1905) Women granted the right to vote
  • (1912) Brisbane general strike lasted for five weeks after members of the Australian Tramway were dismissed for wearing union badges to work
  • (1914-1918) World War I
  • (1918) A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Rockhampton
  • (1920) Qantas Airlines founded to serve outback Queensland
  • (1921) Mount Mulligan mine disaster killed 75
  • (1922) Queensland Legislative Council abolished, Queensland became only Australian state (to this day) without a bicameral legislature
  • (1925) Traveston rail disaster worst in Queensland's rail history; 10 killed, 48 injured
  • (1930s) Great Depression affected Queensland
  • (1939-1945) World War II
  • (1940) Story Bridge opened
  • (1947) Annabelle Rankin first Queensland woman elected to Senate
  • (1948) Queensland Railway Strike over wages lasted nine weeks
  • (1958) Henry Abel Smith became governor
  • (1965) Aboriginal people granted right to vote
  • (1968) Sir John Bjelke-Peterson elected Premier of Queensland
  • (1971) State of emergency declared following rugby protests
  • (1972) Box Flat Mine explosion claimed 18 lives
  • (1974) Eric Deeral became first Aboriginal member of Queensland State Parliament
  • (1974) Brisbane floods caused widespread damage
  • (1974) Wivenhoe Dam built
  • (1981) The Great Barrier Reef became a World Heritage site
  • (1982) Brisbane hosted Commonwealth Games
  • (1988) World Expo held in Brisbane
  • (1989) Australian Labour Party returned to power after 32 years
  • (1991) First Indy car race outside the U.S. held on the Gold Coast
  • (2001) Goodwill Games held in Brisbane
  • (2005) Ian Frazer announced successful trials of a vaccine for cervical cancer
  • (2006) Cyclone Larry hit North Queensland
  • (2007) Anna Bligh became first female Premier of Queensland
  • (2008) Global financial crisis hit Queensland
  • (2008) Quentin Bryce became first female Australian Governor-General
  • (2010) Widespread flooding caused major damage in Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley
  • (2011) Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast, many left homeless
  • (2012) Floodwaters from Balonne River forced thousands of evacuations
  • (2013) Heavy rains caused flooding in St. George, thousands evacuated

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