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Queensland Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • John Ronald Shafto Adair aviator, army officer
  • Ernest Aderman politician
  • Alexander Adie pioneer
  • Jock R. Anderson agricultural economist
  • Brett Backwell footballer
  • Andrew Baildon freestyle swimmer
  • Carl Barron comedian
  • John Bathersby archbishop
  • Glen Batticciotto cricketer
  • Daryl Beattie Grand Prix motorcycle road racer
  • Tracey Belbin field hockey player
  • Gordon Bennett artist
  • Florence Bjelke-Petersen politician, writer
  • Cory Blair rugby player
  • Harold Blair tenor, activist
  • James Blundell singer
  • Allan Boase World War II general
  • Lee Bodimeade field hockey player
  • Steven Bowditch golfer
  • Virgil Brennan World War II flying ace
  • Geoff Brown Royal Australian Air Force officer, Chief of Air Force
  • Dean Butler Olympic medalist, field hockey
  • Vivien Carter actress, singer, dancer
  • Michael Caton actor
  • Charles Chauvel filmmaker
  • Diane Cilento actress, author
  • Leanne Clare judge
  • Jason Clarke actor
  • Cyril Clowes World War II soldier
  • Flo Cluff activist
  • Tammy Cole field hockey player
  • Henry Collins boxer
  • Des Connor rugby player
  • Luke Covell rugby league footballer
  • Norma Croker Olympic medalist, sprinter
  • Charles Crombie World War II flying ace
  • Tracey Curro journalist
  • Ian Davies basketball player
  • Sharon Davson artist
  • Jason Day golfer
  • Candy Devine broadcaster, singer, actress
  • Rebecca Dines actress
  • David Dodd footballer
  • Karl Dodd footballer
  • Andrew Dodt golfer
  • Amanda Doman softball player
  • Ben Donaldson rugby league footballer
  • Jimmy Downey footballer
  • Arthur Thomas Drinkwater flying ace

E - F

  • Guy Edmonds actor
  • Warren Elson kickboxer
  • Henry James Evans geologist
  • Peter Everett television host
  • Harold Livingstone Fraser aviator
  • Nick Frisby rugby union footballer
  • Maddison Gabriel model
  • Mike Goldman television host
  • Wayne Goss former premier
  • Otis Gowa sprinter
  • Ron Grainer composer
  • Max Grosskreutz speedway rider
  • Bill Gunn politician
  • Grant Hackett Olympic medalist, swimmer
  • Stephen Hagan author, activist
  • Michael Hancock rugby league footballer
  • Hastings Harrington Chief of Naval Staff
  • John Hillcoat director, screenwriter
  • Paul Hilton politician
  • Damien Hooper boxer
I - L
  • Steve Irwin wildlife expert
  • John Francis Jackson fighter ace
  • Leslie Douglas Jackson fighter ace
  • Gil Jamieson painter
  • Alan Jones radio broadcaster
  • Bob Katter politician
  • Patrick Keane justice
  • Suzie Landells swimmer
  • Sam Lane rugby union footballer
  • Georgia Lee singer
  • Joice NanKivell Loch author, journalist, humanitarian
  • Alastair Lynch footballer
  • Damien Marsh sprinter
  • Scott Matthew singer, songwriter
  • Janette McBride actress
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