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New South Wales

New South Wales Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

P continued

  • Steve Peacocke actor
  • Vera Pearce actress
  • Richard Peek admiral
  • Percival Penman cricketer
  • Jerry Pentland World War I fighter ace
  • Greg Peterson rugby union footballer
  • Roy Phillipps World War I fighter ace
  • Max Phipps actor
  • William Henry Piddington politician
  • Gordon Piper actor, director, scriptwriter
  • Andrew Pitt motorcycle racer
  • Judy Playfair swimmer
  • Stevie Plunder musician
  • Leif Podhajsky graphic designer
  • Ian Porter politician
  • Petrina Price high jumper
  • Toby Price motocross racer
  • Chips Rafferty actor
  • Robert William Rankin World War II Royal Australian Navy officer
  • Charles Read RAAF senior commander
  • Chad Reed motocross, supercross racer
  • Taylor Regan footballer
  • Gayla Reid writer
  • Robert Relf rugby league footballer
  • Kimble Rendall director, musician, writer
  • Ingo Renner glider pilot
  • Tom Richards rugby union player
  • Dennis Richardson diplomat
  • Lancelot Richardson World War I flying ace
  • Rex Rienits radio writer
  • Karl Robertson musician
  • William Robertson cricketer
  • Lee Robinson film producer, director, screenwriter
  • Melanie Roche softball player
  • Michael Rush rower
  • Paddy Ryan rugby union footballer
  • Akmal Saleh comedian, actor (born in Egypt)
  • Cheryl Salisbury footballer
  • Dave Sands boxer
  • Eddie Scarf wrestler
  • Charles Scherf World War II flying ace
  • Gary Scully journalist
  • Ivan Sen filmmaker
  • Yahoo Serious actor, director, composer
  • Stephen Sewell playwright, novelist, screenwriter
  • Gary Shearston singer, songwriter
  • Brad Shepherd musician
  • Geoff Shipton swimmer
  • Matt Shirvington athlete
  • Cate Shortland writer, film director
  • Rebecca Smart actress
  • Fiona Smith whipcracker
  • Adam Spencer radio presenter, comedian, media personality
  • Phil Stack musician
  • Alen Stajcic footballer
  • Richard Stanford rugby union footballer
  • Jamie Stauffer motorcycle racer
  • Paul Stephenson rugby league footballer
S continued
  • Bertram Stevens critic
  • Karen Stollznow writer, linguist, podcaster, skeptic
  • Casey Stoner motorcycle racer
  • Frank Tidswell physician
  • Jeremy Tilse rugby union footballer
  • Mary Tindale botanist
  • Ernie Toshack cricketer
  • Frederick Tout politician
  • Julie Towers Olympic medalist, field hockey player
  • John Treloar track and field athlete
  • Hazel Treweek academic, teacher, Shakespearean scholar
  • Nathan Trist rugby union footballer
  • Peter Turnbull World War II fighter ace
  • Hayden Turner wildlife television presenter
U - V
  • Tony Underhill artist
  • Donna Urquhart squash player
  • Cliff van Blerk footballer
  • Greg Vanderjagt basketball player
  • Tony Vinson academic, writer
  • Lisa-Marie Vizaniari discus thrower
  • Brenda Walker writer
  • Eadith Walker philanthropist
  • Frank Walker author
  • Frank Walker II journalist
  • George Wallace comedian
  • Stephen Wallace director
  • Mike Walsh television host
  • Felicity Ward comedian
  • Natalie Ward softball player
  • Anthony Warlow opera, musical theatre performer
  • Kenneth J. Warren actor
  • Josh Watson swimmer
  • Wally Wellham cricketer
  • Harry Wells rugby league footballer
  • Matthew White rugby league footballer
  • Debbie Whitmont journalist, writer
  • Mark Whittaker journalist, writer
  • Bluey Wilkinson international speedway rider
  • Mark Willis motorcycle racer
  • Amy Witting novelist, poet
  • Allan Wood swimmer
  • Patricia Wrightson writer, editor
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