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New South Wales

New South Wales Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Toni Lamond singer, actress, dancer, comedian
  • Eve Langley novelist, poet
  • Robert Laurie rugby league footballer
  • Robyn Lawley model
  • Amber Lawrence singer, songwriter
  • John Laws radio presenter
  • Aub Lawson speedway rider
  • Henry Lawson poet, writer
  • Louisa Lawson poet, writer, publisher
  • Duncan Lay author
  • Christopher Lee scriptwriter
  • Ezra Lee musician
  • Peter Lee martial artist
  • Lawrence Legend stunt motorcyclist
  • Reg Lindsay musician
  • Arthur Longmore naval aviator
  • Patricia Lovell film producer
  • Jamie Lyon rugby league footballer
  • Dylan Macallister footballer
  • Kim Mackay politician
  • Robbie Maddison motorbike stunt rider
  • Colin Madigan architect
  • Guy Maestri artist
  • Steve Mafi rugby player
  • Chris Mansell poet, publisher
  • John Marshall swimmer
  • Catherine Martin designer
  • Damian Martin basketball player
  • Harold Brownlow Martin bomber pilot, RAF senior commander
  • Ray Martin journalist
  • Willie Mason rugby league footballer
  • Chris Masters journalist
  • Olga Masters journalist, novelist
  • June Maston sprinter
  • Col Maxwell rugby league footballer
  • Jenny McAllister politician
  • Donald McAlpine cinematographer
  • Kerryn McCann athlete
  • Trent McClenahan footballer
  • Josh McCrone rugby league player
  • Pat McCutcheon rugby union footballer
  • Greg McGirr politician
  • David McGonigal author, photographer
  • James McGowen politician
  • Jeannette McHugh politician
  • Michael McHugh justice
  • William McKell politician, former premier
  • Robert McLachlan road bicycle racer
  • Gregan McMahon actor, producer
  • Aaron McMillan classical pianist
  • Alex McTaggart politician
  • Gwen Meredith author, playwright
  • Dally Messenger rugby footballer
  • Charles Metz politician
M continued
  • Garry Middleton speedway rider
  • Mabel Miller lawyer, politician
  • Bruce Mitchell scholar
  • Frank Mitchell footballer
  • John Monckton swimmer
  • Betty Moore athlete
  • Meaghan Morris scholar
  • Brooke Morrison field hockey player
  • William Morrow physician
  • Tallulah Morton model
  • Jonathan Moss cricketer
  • Blake Mueller rugby league footballer
  • Karl Muggeridge motorcycle racer
  • Tony Mundine boxer
  • Les Murray poet
  • Eva Mylott contralto opera singer
  • Sydney Elliott Napier writer, poet
  • Kim Nelson artist
  • Bianca Netzler field hockey player
  • Shannon Noll singer, songwriter
  • Justin Norris swimmer
  • Cherie Nowlan film, television director
  • Phillip Noyce film director
  • Ian O'Brien swimmer
  • Elizabeth O'Conner novelist
  • Luke O'Dwyer rugby league footballer
  • Beejan Olfat actor, playwright
  • Bronwyn Oliver sculptor
  • Bill O'Reilly cricketer
  • Michael O'Rourke javelin thrower
  • Hugh Orr cricketer
  • John Overall architect
  • Natalie Pa'apa'a musician
  • Jack Paff politician
  • Dan Parks rugby union player
  • Kate Parry singer, voice artist
  • Gordon Parsons singer, songwriter
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